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The Zuma clone invasion

Recently there has been a flood of Zuma clones. While personally I don’t like much casual games, I must say that Zuma clones are quite fun even for me 🙂 A new game that just came out, Atalantis is a … Continue reading

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DirectX AND OpenGL

Yes, isn’t anymore a battle between the two: thanks to the latest PTK release, you can have BOTH 🙂 That’s what I did with my games The Goalkeeper and Quizland. I just added a small launcher window (default as DirectX … Continue reading

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Other devs sales figures

Is fun that a recurring question of other indies (expecially newbies) is about the sales figures of games. That is really a useless information, and I don’t understand why people keep asking for that. You read that developer X sold … Continue reading

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