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The superprogrammers and getting the job done

Is really fun to discover, when talking privately to fellow programmers, that most of the successful indie developers are not what is commonly considered “a good programmer”. For me,a good programmer is the one that gets the job done. In … Continue reading

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why PES5 sucks

Yes I am disappointed. After the initial enthusiasm, I can say that PES5 is not so good. Why? easy, computer cheats. At every level (even if I played only from 3 stars and up) the computer cheats in every manner. … Continue reading

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First Magic Stones expansion released!

Today I uploaded the first expansion for my game Magic Stones, “The Bonelord”. Is still BETA version even if I think there shouldn’t be any serious bugs 🙂 If you want to try, check those links: (mac) (win) … Continue reading

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