Monthly Archives: January 2007

The old west

Recently I’ve been playing a lot the game Westward, that could be shortly defined as “Virtual Villager clone with Wild West settings”. It is a nice game, with all the “required” features. This kind of games even if are defined … Continue reading

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Rant vs internet slowness

Yes I’m pissed! I recently noticed that webdesigner tend to FILL the webpages with all the possible sort of flash intro, gif/png animations, huge buttons and so on. I don’t say this only because having a ISDN connection I have … Continue reading

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I'm done outsourcing

I’ve already posted in the past about outsourcing problems, but today I made my decision: no more outsourcing for me. I was using the popular site “Rent a coder” to post small programming/other tasks. Well saying that I am “disappointed” … Continue reading

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