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Gabe doesn’t like Windows 8 and so do I

Those interested only in news about my games, can skip the paragraphs below 😉 Windows 8 and the Mayan prophecy! In a recent talk at Casual Connect, Gabe Newell (the man behind Steam) said that the upcoming Windows8 will be … Continue reading

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It’s time for a Spirited Heart 2

If you follow me since long time you might remember that I was talking about Spirited Heart 2 in past years. In my original idea, I wanted it to be some kind of online game, a free to play maybe … Continue reading

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Amber’s Magic Shop sneak peek

This week was really busy working on the monkeycoder VN engine, burocratic/financial stuff and webdesign. Yes it wasn’t really a great week even if togeter with a new writer (who seems really good) we managed to lay out the first … Continue reading

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