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Magic Stones Postmortem

Last year was contacted by a person from idevgames to write a postmortem about my game Magic Stones. Since over 1 year has passed already and he didn’t post anything in his site, I thought to post the postmortem in … Continue reading

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Supernova 2: resolution change

So I “converted” Supernova 2 into 800×600 and now I must admit that looks much better. You have also to scroll less in the galaxy map screen, which is another positive effect. Now that I think about it, was stupid … Continue reading

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Insane resolutions

I’ve just read the new announcements for the latest Macs. The tech specs are terrifying! but what worried me was the minimum resolution: the 20″ TFT iMac has a minimum resolution of 1680 by 1050 pixels!! and it’s the smallest … Continue reading

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