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The Price is Right

In the picture above, an image of my dwarf rabbit Cleo who decided to travel to the rabbits paradise last week, after 9 years with us. Why low pricing is wrong for niche games I’m going to talk briefly about … Continue reading

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Queen of Thieves customers

In the image above, my cat Leon seems almost in a meditation pose 🙂 So, who will be the customers of the game Queen Of Thieves? Take a look below: Yes, I was talking about the in-game customers! For those … Continue reading

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Four new games in progress!

In the image above, my cat “Micia” back in 2002. She was living with my parents now, and she died last week, at 15 years old. It’s kind of sad since she was the first cat I rescued and officially … Continue reading

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Warning: Promo Sales Ahead!

In the photo above, my cat Orfeo (italian name for Orpheus) in a curious pose (to say the least)! What’s about the promo sales in the title? Well, the game engine I used for all my recent manga games, Ren’Py, … Continue reading

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