2011 The Year Of Farewells

This year was… weird. It was bittersweet, crazy, successful, painful, happy, sad and… the year of farewells.

This year indeed I’ve said farewell to my beloved uncle, the person who helped me to become a game developer more than anyone else since I was a kid.


I’ve said farewell to several pets: the last one, my dog Artù, just a week ago. In the picture above I’m with him during a trip to Germany.

But it was also the year I said farewell to my old car. I know it might seem stupid: but I was somehow attached to it. It was the car I had on my first date. The car I used to go at the office for my first job. Was the car I used when I gave the first passage to my girlfriend, and when I went on my first holiday trip. So many memories, mostly good ones!

I’ve also said farewell to portals: or at least, to submitting to them. I’ve come to the conclusion that they get so many submissions that unless you make a perfectly “targeted” game, you won’t have any chances. Or you need to be featured on the most popular websites, which is something that seems forbidden to me for reason behind my control. So, from now on, I’ll just save my time and take care only of my followers!

How was business in the 2011

On the “business” side, this has been my most successful year ever since I was indie. This month was the best one, despite the various indie bundles, sales, and the crisis. I really hope business will continue like this month, would help me to relax a bit!

Of course, I’m not getting too much excited. Since I know that in a fast paced technology-related business things might change completely in just a few years (or even months). Still it feels good for once not being worried to pay the bills!! 🙂

It’s interesting, if I think back about 2010 which was a rather disappointing year (mainly because of the two Vera Blanc games and Card Sweethearts, the worst-selling games I’ve ever made!). I was sad and angry because of the various failures, but I still had all my pets and my family members alive. I think this year taught me what really matters in life, not money or success – but love and being loved.

Next Year Goals

I really have big hopes for next year, since I’ll release many interesting new games of all kinds (RPGs, dating sim, otome, etc). The only thing I fear honestly, is that I might have to slow down a bit. I am not a machine, and this year for various reasons I was forced to be at home, and since at home I have my computer and internet connection… I worked! I didn’t have a SINGLE DAY of holidays. Of course I didn’t code or write all the year, but even managing people/sending emails takes lot of time.

And as a consequence I released 5 games in a year, which is something never happened before. I’ll try my best, but don’t expect 5 games next year! Even if who knows, maybe will still happen.

Happy New Year to everyone!!

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