Heileen 3 released, Merry Christmas and the end of the world

Heileen 3 is finally out

First of all, Heileen 3: New Horizon was officially released a couple days ago. Here’s the official trailer with the theme song:

For more info and demos, check the official game page: http://www.winterwolves.com/heileen.htm

I’m working on the yuri version right now which will be called “Heileen 3: Sea Maidens” and should be out very soon, probably mid-January. Will do a postmortem about the game once that version is out.

Merry Christmas!

Second, I want to wish you Merry Christmas and like every year, I’m doing it by offering a generous discount on all my games (except Heileen 3 of course since it was just released!).

Use the coupon code: XMAS to get 50% off any single game. Remember that the coupon is not cumulable with other offers, so for example it won’t work if you try to buy game bundles which have an automatic discount already (Spirited Heart + Girl’s Love, The Flower Shop games, and so on).

…the end of the world ?

As you know, today Friday 21st December 2012 the world should end. I hope not, since I was just starting to have fun working on my games! 🙂 Besides, I have so many interesting projects for next year that it would be really a pity. Check for yourself:

What’s coming next year from Winter Wolves

January: As said, the plan is to get Heileen 3 yuri version out. Will also probably announce officially a new Steampunk RPG project 😉

February: Release of Bionic Heart 2 or at least begin the preorder/beta testing phase

Rest of the year: Depending how things go, the release of Planet Stronghold 2 and/or the Steampunk RPG, and maybe one or more of the other dating / life sims currently in progress like Nicole, Roommates, Amber Magic Shop or Spirited Heart 2, but that’s too early to tell!

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5 Responses to Heileen 3 released, Merry Christmas and the end of the world

  1. Rachael says:

    Hey, do you need to get the first two games in the series to play Heileen 3? I just found out about this series, and I wanted to know.

    • admin says:

      At beginning of the last game there’s a short summary of what happened in the previous ones, so they’re not necessary to understand the story, though there are some small references to what happened before in some scenes 🙂

  2. tepco says:

    Loved this series, on H3, will there be a version that combines both versions? I’m unclear on this.

    • admin says:

      It will be like Spirited Heart, you can buy both versions to get all the male/female romances. Will give a discount to those who bought already the “otome” version.

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