PSCD – Meet Graciela Reyes


Time for another PSCD character, one of the few humans with psionic abilities (in this prequel game they’re not common as in Planet Stronghold).

Name:  Graciela  Reyes
Nickname:  Serenity
Nation of Origin:  Spain
Service Branch:  Imperial Psionics Institute
Specialty:  Psionics

Graciela is among the rarest of humans; a person born with great psionic potential.  As such, this made her highly sought after by many organizations to make use of her talents.  Ultimately, she chose the military as it seemed to give the best training.

At heart, Graciela is a peaceful woman; after all, when you can feel another’s emotions, it makes little sense to cause them harm. She figured by joining the military, she would have an opportunity to use words where most would resort to guns.

This calm sense of self earned Graciela the nickname, Serenity, which was instrumental when humans made peace with the Xynthillians.  A highly empathic the species, the Xynthillians never had to psionically shield themselves before, and thus were wide-open for what was essentially emotional assault when they first encountered humans.  Graciela, underwent this pain when younger, was able to broker a peace by having the humans promise to stay away from Xynthillian space.

Unfortunately, even with her success, Graciela still faces  discrimination.  People fear the unknown, whether it be aliens or  psionics, but Graciela hopes, given time, she can help people overcome this  prejudice.

I’m still producing the art assets for PSCD, including the romance scenes. Once I have all of them will do some sneak previews as usual. There are some very interesting and unique settings for the romance CGs 😉

Seasons Of The Wolf update

Like in past week, spent this week working on ACT4 since I finished the ACT3 main coding but I’m still waiting for the tilesets. Please be patient, but at least know that I’m not wasting a single day of time 🙂

a sidequest of Act4 featuring some ferocious Gnolls!

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11 Responses to PSCD – Meet Graciela Reyes

  1. Ren says:

    Firefly reference? 🙂

  2. nikki says:

    Please make more the romance scenes, especially girl + girl(s). ( Make more scenes and girls than bioware in Dragon Age 3 (I was really disapointed from their vision of romances) 🙂 )

    • Miakoda says:

      As stated, this game is going to have 8 romances; as Alex, 2 BxG and 2 BxB; Diana will have 2 GxB and 2 GxG

      • nikki says:

        Yeah, I understand (I still remember it 🙂 ), but it almost the same number of romances which will be available in the Dragon Age 3. I mean – just make more romances and you can tease the Bioware – ‘We have more romances then project AAA and moreover…’. I think it could be the great trolling. 🙂

  3. OhHaiMe says:

    So she’s one of the romances right? Because she’s my favorite character shown so far.

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