It’s absurd that so soon I have to mourn the loss of another cat, but here we go… Gilda was a very beautiful cat, one of those that could win prizes. She was fluffy and sweet, and my most photographed cat. We found her dead near the road nearby yesterday. It still doesn’t seem real to me, I will need some time to accept the fact that I won’t be able to see her happily jumping around me anymore 🙁

A short update

As you can imagine I’m not really in the mood to write a normal blog post. Some random news:

  • Next week, on Thursday, SOTW will be on Steam.
  • Speaking of SOTW, the DLC is coming along nicely (just the plot for now). A lot of romance interactions depending who you romanced, and some interesting minigames
  • Regarding PSCD I’ve made a test with the “over the shoulder” view, and despite some people not liking it for various reasons, I think looks good so might use it in the final game
  • I’ve updated all the Android versions of my games, should fix random crashes and in-app purchases bugs
  • work on the other games in progress continues. Next week will have the first Summer In Trigue character introduction, Grace


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8 Responses to Gilda

  1. Don says:

    I wish you the best in this sad time and my condolences for your loss

  2. Frostsaben says:

    Sorry for your cat but you should remember of the happy moments with her and not be sad. I’m sure she had a happy life with you.

  3. Jack says:

    We lost our own cat a month ago. By some strange coincidence, similarly colored and named (Gilbert, not Gilda). So I know exactly how you feel. I’m sorry for your loss but keep your happy memories close.

    Meanwhile I’d be pretty excited about SOTW coming to Steam finally. But I got impatient and bought it directly last week. (But gives me an excuse to gift my wife a copy.)

    • admin says:

      Thanks. Yes I have a lot of memories of the cats and took many pictures. I guess having others help ease the pain at least.
      Cool about SOTW! 🙂

  4. Flora says:

    I’m really sorry about your loss, I recently lost my cat, and I know how it seems unreal to see our pet that was full of life, inert…
    Anyway, i’m waiting anxiously for SOTW in steam, i will definitely buy it. And the DLC!
    On Android i’m actually playing planet stronghold, i was investing in a romance with Rumi Kai, until I realize that I can not have romance with her playing with Lisa Nelson, haha.

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