PSCD free DLC is now out!

As you can see from the screenshot above, there will be some very “tough choices” in the free DLC! 😉

Jokes apart, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve updated the PSCD live version on my site, which you can download from this page: with the promised free DLC update contents.

Note: If you have already bought and activated the base game with email/serial, you’ll need to do it again in the game main menu to access the new content!

For those who still don’t know, the free update (which was supposed to be a paid DLC) adds the possibility to romance Kaden, Galina, Lola and Christophe. All four characters are bisex, so in practice this adds EIGHT new romance routes. For free. Yeah, don’t get used to get free stuff like this, since it won’t ever happen again! 🙂

It also adds the “Quick Play” mode, which lets you do quick matches against ten predefined enemy decks. You can also tweak the AI resources, so you can tailor the game’s difficulty to your skills.

Other platforms

The update will come shortly to the Steam version (maybe even next week), since if you bought it only there and not also on my site, you won’t be able to get the extra content yet. I still want to promote it as a DLC (but of course a free one) on Steam, hoping to get some extra visibility for the game, something that it didn’t get on launch.

As for mobile, I wanted to wait for all the content to be ready so I could do the port in a single step (since updating on mobile is a bit of a pain). I am also waiting for an update on Ren’Py libraries (that’s why C14 Dating is not out on mobile too).

Anyway all things considered I think it should be available on Android/iOS/Kindle maybe next month, for sure during this Summer.

Why a free update?

It was a mistake on my part – I was so sure that the game would have been a hit, that I planned a DLC already. Something that you should never do until the game is out 😉

Now I know the game will never be a hit, but not a bad seller either. It’s just that has been much harder to make money as indie in general, vs a few years ago.

Anyway since I had already the romance CGs and all the romance routes written, I didn’t want to throw it away. But of course, I didn’t bother to code all the DLC story (yes, a sort of mini-story of 11 missions was also planned to go along this DLC) even if I still managed to add the Quick Play mode.

As I already posted in my forums, even if I enjoyed a lot working on this card game, unfortunately I couldn’t justify spending more time on this than I already have. My revenues from the game so far (divided by the months I spent working on it) are way below the minimum wage here in my country 😀

But I’m still happy, since now I have a card framework which I can reuse in future games, and I’ve learned a things or two about what people want in term of artwork (hint: cute manga art, avoid uncanny valley effect, etc). I’m an optimist by nature, so even for the projects that didn’t come out well, I think they still provided me valuable info and I’ve always learned something.

As some wise man said (Confucius): “He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.”

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42 Responses to PSCD free DLC is now out!

  1. hassan says:

    damm it the free dlc is for a game i dont like

  2. PaperDragon says:

    Thank you, Jack!
    While I am sorry PSCD didn’t sell as well as you hoped, I am super grateful that you went ahead and offered the DLC romances – and free, on top of that! – because of all the characters in the game, I’m most interested in three of the four here. (Now I just have to wait for it to reinstall and I know what I’m playing this weekend!)

  3. Franka says:

    A truly great injustice was done when this game failed to catch on. Here’s hoping it’s been wishlisted by 10,000 Steam users, who will pick it up in a sale.

    • admin says:

      Unfortunately, Steam wishlists are only 1800 😀
      And of course doesn’t mean that 1800 people will get it (eh, I wish!!). From experience only a very small part will buy the game, even if I did a 50% discount (which of course I’m not planning to do so soon!).
      I still believe the same identical game in a fantasy setting + a “true manga art”, but same writing, would have been a hit. Maybe one day I’ll try again 🙂

      • Franka says:

        I know. I have maybe 75 games on my wishlist, and there’s no way I’m buying all of them. Especially when most are only discounted during the big sales, where EVERYthing is on sale, and you really have to choose what you want the most.

        So I guess I would suggest doing a discount at some other time than during the big sales. Of course not right away, though it would be cool to do 10% discount along with the free DLC and see what happens.

      • Troyen says:

        I don’t think it’s the sci-fi setting.

        • admin says:

          I hope not, but anyway I’ll see what happens once PS2 is out 😉

          • Troyen says:

            I saw you promise next year in these comments! I was expecting 2018-2019, but since you said 2017 we’ll hold you to that! 😉

          • admin says:

            I really would like to do PS2 next year, it’s another of those titles that for various reasons got delayed way too much!! 🙂

  4. Bob The Mob says:

    Why must you make us mobile users wait so long, Jack?!

    Seriously, though: can’t wait for that, and everything else! Should be a lot of fun! 😀

    One Question: What’s “valley effect” mean?

    • Miakoda says:

      He’s referring to the “uncanny valley” effect. In this case, since the art was a bit more realistic than anime/manga, some people could be put off since it wasn’t exactly perfect.

      • admin says:

        Yes exactly. If it’s just 2-3 people complaining (like for Heirs and Graces), I think are about personal tastes. When basically every review/comment I read says something negative about the art… well then it’s not good 😀 haha

    • admin says:

      Mobile comes last because is a pain to update ! So I want to do the port when I have tested the games well, so I don’t have to touch it again 😉

  5. Xarena says:

    In all honesty I would have preferred to see this kind of thing go to Roommates I would love to see Max and Dominic as a couple it would be hilarious particularly with a jealous Dominic I think it would be funny.

  6. Jaime says:

    You really seem like an awesome person, and I hope I’ll see you hit it big some day. I’ve been a fan ever since Roommates, though I’ve only played the games with gay romances because, well, I’m gay, and that’s just what I’m into lol. I was already going to purchase this game today even before I logged on here and saw you were giving away DLC. And you added Kaden as a romance! I could just crush you now haha.

    You really deserve your own Stardew Valley. I can see from your posts that you’re learning with every game, and someday you’re surely to make the one that will define you. And I agree with some of the criticisms. Your gameplay needs work and some of the art style choices haven’t been the best, as with this game (I prefer the original Planet Stronghold’s, though its just my opinion…and I was a bit heartbroken when you abandoned PS2 for this). Still, its good you don’t shy away from it. There are plenty of more successful developers that don’t update their blogs half as much as you, or respond to their critics with insults and banhammers, so more kudos to you for being so cool.

    TL;DR: You rock, keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep supporting you from the shadows. Now to buy this game on steam, and hopefully with the free DLC not long after 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the nice words!
      Just one thing, you said “I was a bit heartbroken when you abandoned PS2 for this”. That’s not the case! It’s a long story but in practice a developer I was supposed to develop PSCD with, quit – leaving me in a bad situation since I had already invested a lot of money on the art. So I decided to make this a card game and to finish it soon. But PS2 will be done, it’s not abandoned at all 🙂 Hopefully we’ll manage to make it next year.

      • Jaime says:

        That’s awesome news! It seemed like you were silent on it for a long time, and then announced this, so I thought you abandoned it. PS is my favorite game of yours, with Roommates a close second. I even really enjoyed the gameplay, though the difficulty curve got obnoxious at times. But you really can’t go wrong with simple RPG mechanics and am looking forward to how you’ll refine it in PS2. Oh, and Milo. Really looking forward to Milo hehe

        • admin says:

          Haha no, I never abandoned a game I started. In some “extreme cases” I redid the whole art, or rewritten a good amount of the story. But never abandoned a single project 😉
          Milo-Joshua CG is probably one of the hottest of the whole game (a shower scene… ahem), you’ll be pleased for sure. That artist loves drawing yaoi content, and I think it will show 😛

  7. blitzen says:

    Sorry to hear this game didn’t do as well as you hoped. TBH I never bought it because I just don’t like card games, and like the other commenter I was disappointed at the delay to PS2. I am a huge fan of Loren and Seasons of the Wolf, and replay them both frequently. I am absolutely blown away at the amount of work you have put into the storyline and characters as well as gameplay. (My favourite romance option is Elenor/Karen and I actually find it difficult to choose another path!) Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I like your work even if this particular game isn’t for me, and I am anxiously awaiting the release of Queen of Thieves!

  8. Tony Faircloth says:

    I am having trouble getting the DLC to to activate to full since I added it and I get an internet connection error plz help

  9. Tony Faircloth says:

    I love this game by the way and I’m sorry that it hasn’t sold as well as you have hoped but maybe it will I am hoping, also I am glad that you added the Galina and Lola romances in the DLC I was hoping that I would be able to romance both of them instead of the Robot no offence I just find it hard to see Diana with Lucius and I think that Galina and Lola were better choices or even Kaden and Christophe but over all I love this and all of your games keep up the great work…….

  10. Tony Faircloth says:

    sorry I don’t have the serial code if you could email it or give it to me then I will try it thanks……

  11. Tony Faircloth says:

    I have a question, do you need to start a new game to unlock Kaden and Lola to talk to them and start their romances?

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