The last famous 10%

weaponroomIn the development screenshot above, one of the scenes of the main plot missions

What is this “famous last 10%”? In indie development, it’s usually how you refer to the last finishing touches, the polishing, the last bits of coding/art/music/etc you need to add to the game before you call it “finished”.

You could argue that nowadays a game is rarely finished, especially a complex one as a RPG, since new bugs always come out  even months after the “official release”. Or simply the developer makes patches and updates.

But anyway, in my case I am referring to the beta version, so not even the release. And I’m obviously talking about the game Queen Of Thieves.

Yes, I know that I said I would take it easy after all the games I released already this year (PSCD, C14 Dating, Heirs and Graces and the PSCD DLC just last week!) but… if you have the inspiration and especially if the weather is incredibly mild this year so far, why wait? 😉

I must admit that while normally I hate this “last 10%”, what they say it’s true: it’s one of the most important part of indie development. In case of a RPG, it can turn an average/mediocre RPG into a good/fun one.

For example, I’ve been tweaking the battles a lot recently. I even made a video!

In the video (the battles are speed up by 50% otherwise was too long) I show how the same battle can have very different outcomes. Obviously already having different skills will lead to different outcomes. But in this case, I wanted to see if I could beat this main plot boss fight without using any potion and without using the guard skill of Kira. I am playing in Normal difficulty, I leave the Hard/Nightmare one to crazy-ahem, “veteran” RPG players 😉

In the first attempt I do what was a good strategy in many cases: concentrate fire on the boss enemy to take him down first. But in this case, it’s not a good move. Instead, spreading the attack to weaken multiple targets it’s the winning strategy, together with paralyze on the boss.

Paralyze is very powerful spell, that’s why some bosses have high resistance to it (but they can be paralyzed for one turn anyway). I like how Kira’s strikes to lower the defense/armor value, combined with Thalia’s poison, can basically slowly weaken/kill multiple targets at once.

I am not sure how the beta testing will go yet, but being able to beat the bosses with different strategies surely it’s a good thing for any RPG!

Testing/tweaking battles apart, I’m adding a lot of minor details, including:

  • small background animations (for example in the forest during the day there’s a flying buterfly)
  • tweaking the amount of gold required to advance in the story, and the money you can earn. Yes, because as the story progresses, you’ll also earn more money running the shop or doing the robberies. This way even if the money required is every time higher, it shouldn’t take too long to reach the next goal.
  • possibility to sell gems to the shops, to earn more money quickly. Also increased the values of many gems
  • adding visual indicators on the map, so portraits of the love interests present in each location will be immediately visible
  • adding a step by step tutorial for first time players (something I didn’t have in my other games)
  • adding more backgrounds and unique sound effects

and the list goes on. It’s a bit frustrating to be honest, because it seems you’re working, but not making many progress really! This because they are all small details, hard to notice if taken singularly. But hopefully when you put all of them together, the effort I’m putting into this game will be apparent!

If all goes well, a beta at end of June seems a realistic goal 🙂

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14 Responses to The last famous 10%

  1. Missy says:

    Just be careful you don’t burn out.

    • admin says:

      Yes of course. So far I am not. Also for this game won’t be like SOTW where I implemented 5000 feature requests, everything it’s pretty much done, coding-wise, so should be only bugfixes.

  2. Aly says:

    Thank you for your great work, I pretty much adore all your games. I have replayed Loren the Amazon Princess too many times to count. Keep up the brilliant work but also make sure not to push yourself too hard. Patiently waiting for your coming releases and my best regards to you and the team that is behind all these wonderful games.

  3. Alex says:

    >_> Can’t help but think of -that- game and the last few percentages that never seem to move T_T

    🙂 THOUGH, Really looking forward to Queen of Thieves, LOVED the last two releases C14 and Heirs and Graces => I’m not suffering ^^

  4. Katie says:

    Your games are the only ones that I regularly play the betas because they’re just that good even as betas! I’m eagerly looking forward to this!

  5. Michael Morgan says:

    I’m always excited that when you’re putting another game out. They are always so interesting and fun to play.

    What I’m curious about is that cursed game that gets delayed every time someone mentions it. I’m not going to mention it. This isn’t mentioning it. I’m just, by not mentioning it, hoping on an update for the yuri version? Reminder, I never mentioned this. (But please respond anyways?)

    • admin says:

      Who knows! This year is crazy, it’s already the year where I released most games in my career. So, if a miracle happens, might be this year? 🙂

  6. Harbinger says:

    Jack, you know I’ve been a faithful follower and player of your games. So I will say this to those people who continue to support Jack and Winter Wolves. You will NOT be disappointed by Queen of Thieves. I’ve been beta testing the game along with others. And Jack is very open and we’ve filled the poor boy with so much information. The released game I hope will satisfy everyone while delivering the quality known from Winter Wolves. Keep up the good work, Winter Wolves.

  7. Sherlotta says:

    I love your games, the first time I played one was on my friends PC. That was Loren the Amazon princess. The work that you guys put into those games are amazing. Since I can’t buy all your games I play them on my friends PC and then when I get the money I buy them. Since she also loves your games. Keep up the amazing work. I can’t wait for Loren 2, planet stronghold 2, spirited heart 2, and undead Lily. And I hope more people start buying your games their really good.

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