Volleyball Heaven Update

is Lana seeing a guy? Suspense! Also see, new backgrounds!

It’s about time to give you an update on this game. There have been some unexpected delays due to events out of my (and the writer’s) control but finally things are moving again! Towards the end of 2018 / early this year I had finished scripting the game until the Christmas events.

Now, the final version of the script until Valentine’s Day / Easter is done, I’d say about 2/3 of the total game script is finished. I still need to code it and test of course, so it’s not like 2/3 of the game is FULLY finished. However it’s still a dating sim, not a complex RPG, so nothing compared to Planet Stronghold 2!

Breaking the Curse!

In case you didn’t know, Volleyball Heaven will become my first yuri-only released game. I had already planned another, the “cursed game” aka Nicole yuri but I got exasperated up to a point that I canceled it. I also had another one in the works, Summer In Trigue, which is going to be finished too by the same writer taking care of Volleyball Heaven (that writer will be now known as the ‘Yuri Finisher’ !).

Plus, I’m working on another “secret yuri game” but following my new philosophy of not announcing anything until I am 100% sure that the game is almost ready, I won’t talk about it for now. But even this one is coming along nicely.

In summary I want to break this curse and get forgiven by yuri fans for taking so long to FINALLY release a yuri only game. Thinking that my first (and very likely last) yaoi only game was done back in 2016, already three years ago, yuri fans deserve some justice!

Hot Stuff

I’m also curious to release Volleyball Heaven because it will be my first very “adult oriented” game. In previous games (like Loren) I had already sexy scenes but in this game is different, also the general tone of writing is more “mature”. A bit hard to me to explain. But anyway, I will work with the writer to make a “clean enough” version so that it can appear on Steam listings (which is important since if it’s marked as adult-only, it will be hidden by default, lowering the exposure).

But even the “clean version” will still be rather hot – compared to my previous games of course! Compared to some hentai games I’ve seen on Steam it will still be much tamer!

I know some people might agree (some might even say “finally!”) with my new more “adult oriented direction” while others not, but after the Google play ban, my main market is PC/Steam and on Steam if you don’t have at least a sexy version you could even not bother making a visual novel at all. Of course, unless you’re already famous with millions of followers.

Just a random but interesting data that reinforces my point: after several months Corona Borealis still sold better on my own site/itchio than Steam, and it’s a very clean game. Similarly, other “clean games” like Always Remember Me almost sold same direct vs Steam, and so on. On the other hand, every other game with more sexy content (Roommates, Cursed Lands, PSCD after the manga patch, etc) are selling between x3-x10 times more on Steam. Which is a clear indication about what people want on that platform I think!

9 thoughts on “Volleyball Heaven Update

  1. qorl

    Sweet. Any fully yuri game from you is a day 1 purchase from me. The partly yuri ones I have to wait a bit for :p

  2. Serenity

    Unfortunately I’m not interested at all in yuri games (shame yaoi is not that popular) but if that’s the most profitable field for you then I fully support that and I also hope that it feels good for you to make these games. Jobs shouldn’t only be about money but also about passion and doing stuff that you love to do.

  3. Arjonet

    Hope that there will be not yuri games only and also there will be some with gay romance (not fond of “yaoi” term).When it comes to the romance in games gay man always got short end of the stick, and in visual novels it so rare to find games thast show gay relationship as normal like in your games and not like glorified rape simulator.

    1. admin Post author

      Well all the RPGs have it, as I posted elsewhere there are plenty of future games with also gay romances. I only said I wouldn’t make a gay ONLY game. But also gay, yes for sure. Planet Stronghold 2 has gay romances too 🙂

  4. Xarena

    I apolgize for this off topic question but I got to know, is there still a way to just try out a game? Cause now it seems like you have to buy it. I’m I just looking in the wrong place? Or has it been made that now you have to buy it and if it turns out you don’t like the game welp tough luck?

    1. admin Post author

      Yes I removed the demos, since basically nobody does them anymore, and checking my stats, not even the 1% of buyers tried a demo so it was wasted time doing them. If you don’t like a game you can request a refund (from Steam or itch.io though, I can’t do them myself). From Steam there’s 2h limit but I think it’s enough to decide if you like it or not.


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