Love Notes: Zoe and Nathan and Summer In Trigue beta

Yes this has been a busy week haha! First of all, I’ve launched my new yuri game “Summer In Trigue” beta on itchio. You can find it here:

Summer In Trigue
Summer In Trigue cast

For more info including a walkthrough check my forums.

And now let’s proceed to the last two love interests for Love Notes which is in its final days of crowdfunding, Zoe and Nathan

Zoe Bennett
Age: 28

At first glance, Zoe seems to be nothing more than a mild-mannered librarian. However, underneath her bookish façade is a woman saw the actual rise and fall of nations. Millenia before, Zoe was a priestess to the goddess Isis, and when she died, she was mummified in honor of her accomplishments. However, the person who committed this procedure must have been more talented than anyone knew for several years later, Zoe came back to life.

However, this proved rather traumatic. After all, what do you do with the dead but bury them? Zoe found herself trapped under several feet of earth and sand. Once she let the initial terror of being buried alive pass, she started to dig her way out inch by bloody inch. It was slow going, Zoe dying several times in the process before emerging once more into welcome sunlight.

Fortunately she accomplished this while Egypt was still during the height of its power. While there were some changes, enough remained the same that Zoe was able to fit right in. After her first disastrous burial, Zoe made sure that future incarnations wouldn’t face such problems.

Much as the Nile ebbs and flows, so does the passage of time. Zoe proved adaptable as she saw the rise and falls of empires. This isn’t to say she was quiet. After all, as her own existence proved, there was a world beyond the material one, one that most people were unable to deal with safely.

Eventually, as she rose again in this more modern age, Zoe went to university. Here she discovered some of the staff who cognizant of the supernatural world. While they were unable to go toe-to-toe with most paranormal creatures, they help in other ways by storing dangerous magical books and artefacts. The staff would destroy them when possible, otherwise storing them safely away from the world at large.

Zoe proved to be an able custodian in this regard, continuing where others would pass away. However, one thing Zoe learned is that change is inevitable. One day, she felt a surge in necrotic energies, an indication of something foul plaguing the city. Just as quickly as it came, it disappeared, the victim of it managing to escape its ravenous clutches.

She experienced a similar feeling a few years later, this time while listening to music from an up and coming band named Spectral Howl. From the shadows, she followed their career, curious as to what would unfold.

Nathan Moore
Age: 24

As far back as he could remember, Nathan could commune with the spirits. At first, his parents assumed he had a very active imagination, telling fantastical stories about how his ‘friends’ slew dragons and rescued captured nobility in lands far, far away. Things became much more real when Nathan, tears streaming down his face, told his parents that his grandfather died, two hours before they got the news by phone call.

Worried that Nathan might be haunted, his parents enlisted the services of a nearby shaman. To his parents’ relief, Nathan was fine. However, the shaman was concerned by how the spirits flocked to the young boy, and taught Nathan how to tune them out. This proved beneficial, causing his grades to suddenly increase.

Eventually, Nathan went to university as a pre-med student. As top of his class, some of his professors thought he would do quite well as a doctor. Everything changed during his final year of school. At that point, one of his closest friends took on a more pallid, almost corpse-like appearance as weeks passed while growing more violent. Things might have ended badly if the cursed hadn’t been broken.

As a result of this, Nathan wanted to help people, but figured there were enough doctors in the world. Instead, he decided to embrace the spirit world whole-heartedly. He quit university, and instead started learning under the shaman who helped him so many years before. Nathan struggled at first as his knowledge was only what he had gleaned from his ‘friends’ earlier. Much like school, Nathan started to excel once more as he found his footing.

This isn’t to say Nathan is against modern medicine, far from it. In fact, he insists people go to doctors first since most ailments come from the physical realm, and must be treated that way.

Nathan might have continued this way until a marked trepidation in the spirits led him to a bar where the band Spectral Howl played. While he still couldn’t figure out what was going to happen, the band seemed to be center of it. As such, he took every chance he could to follow them. Some of the members of the band thought he is a devoted groupie, and Nathan let them believe this while he keeps a vigilant eye.

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