This is my weblog about my games. Here you’ll be able to find news about my games (updates, new versions, ideas I’m working on) for my two websites Winter Wolves and Tycoon Games. From time to time I’ll also talk about other shareware games (only the best ones!) and commercial games (yes I’m an avid player too!).

Hope you enjoy your visit! 😉

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  1. Jackie says:

    I was wondering if you ever need new beta testers for your new games? I would love to be one of your game testers. I have tested games for one of the developers and am even a character in his new up coming game. Please if ever new fresh eyes for an upcoming game, I would love to be considered.
    Thanks in advance
    twitter- blackwell13

  2. Zoe Baxter says:

    Hiii 🙂
    I’m having trouble in accessing the official site http://www.winterwolves.com
    i wanted to buy heileen 3 but every time i try and open a page it says the site cannot be found. Is there any other way i can buy it? :I

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