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Never Forget Me beta + Future romance games

First of all Public Service Announcement: my upcoming otome game “Never Forget Me” is now in beta. The only thing missing is the official game main menu and the theme song. Everything else is there and should be working! For … Continue reading

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new otome game release and plans for the future

Good news: Always Remember Me is out of pre-order phase and now the difficulty problem has been solved. The game now on start-up will offer your two playing mode: the Hard mode is the previous one, with some minor adjustments, … Continue reading

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Remember Me pre-orders available!

Those who follow my blog/twitter might know that I’ve been working since beginning of March on a new otome dating / life simulation game called “Remember Me”. I am probably going to change the game name when is officially released … Continue reading

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Is going to be a hot spring

In the picture above, Lilli sleeping over some straw 🙂 Spring is my favourite season. The blossoming flowers, the nature that wakes up, warm but not too hot climate (at least, for now) and so on. They say that the … Continue reading

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Loren Amazon Princess game features revealed!

In the picture above, a big close-up picture of my cat Nina. I wanted her to be present in the game Remember Me, but she’s quite hard to draw. The resulting sprite inside the game only vaguely resembles her… 🙂 … Continue reading

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