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Some good news + future plans

Last time I said I was hoping to bring some good news, and here they are! Let’s proceed in order.

Cursed Lands

If you missed my announcement in the social media, a beta version featuring the full first chapter except the Nagas rescue mission (until the end of first full moon) is now available on here:

All the usual disclaimers apply when talking about a beta: savegames “should” be compatible, there WILL be bugs (but if you tell me about them I’ll fix them), I might tweak things (not story-related though). As of now I haven’t added a “visual novel mode” yet, though you can always try playing in Easy mode.

Meanwhile I finished coding some more stuff for the second chapter, including an epic boss fight against the Kraken! It’s optional, so you don’t need to do it, but it’s very hard and has probably the best loot reward of the whole game:

So might be worth trying, don’t you think? Especially if you like to use the two nagas characters (two items are exclusively for them).

Currently I’m waiting for the writer to send me the new texts necessary for the second chapter, however as you see from the images above, I have already coded a LOT of things: all the rescue missions, the kraken fight, a tomb exploration sidequest, etc etc. It has the biggest amount of content of all the three chapters probably. Of course being an “open world” rpg, you don’t necessarily NEED to do all those quests in the second chapter, some can be completed also in the third.

As soon as writer sends me the missing scenes I’ll update the beta again, unlocking the whole second chapter. For now, have fun with the first 🙂

Love Bites

Things are progressing well for this game too. The “half-game” beta shouldn’t be much away from now! Not sure about the exact release date yet, but should be out before Christmas, with the final/full game out first quarter of 2018.

…and Planet Stronghold 2

Haha yes you read it well! Since I am now waiting for Cursed Lands’ remaining writing, what there is better to do than start working on another RPG!? Jokes apart, yes, I think it’s a good idea for two reasons: first, I’m in “RPG design mode”, I am working with the RPG framework code, so I’m fresh / familiar with it, and second because it’s about time to finish that game (I announced it back in 2011-2012!).

As I posted in forums, I’m going to plan the ruleset, gameplay etc, still using the good old framework but once again, it will play differently from the previous RPGs. I’m planning to try having randomized items again (like in Seasons Of The Wolf, since it seems players liked it) but still have only 2-3 equipment slots each character to reduce micro-management. Anyways it’s still early days but managed to update the old character creation code with the new GUI and I think the result it’s very good:

The soldier class info screen

Choose your side at start of the story

As announced at beginning of the story you’ll be able to choose who you sided with (Empire/Rebellion) and who you romanced (if any) in the previous game.

This will inevitably require a lot of branching in writing the story so I’m doing this part myself, but of course will ask the help of Miakoda (who wrote PSCD) for editing/proofread and writing the new romance scenes. I’m only writing this first part myself since it’s going to be a pain with all the gameplay and multiple beginning/branching!

Obviously there’s no estimate release date, I’ll just work on it whenever I’m waiting for the other two games currently in active development above. But at least I’m not wasting time 🙂

“Bad Blood” SOTW DLC is in beta


I’ve decided to open the preorders and put the beta version of the DLC for download in my forums! For more details, you can check this forum thread:

In short: the only missing thing right now are the ending scenes. There are 4 scenes, one for each romantic couple, plus another one (can’t say what because… spoilers!).

Speaking of spoilers, for those who have ALREADY finished the base game, this video illustrates the contents of the DLC:

Unfortunately like with Loren, I can’t really make a “demo” of the DLC, but I hope that the video above will help people to make their decision. In general, I think if you liked the characters and the story you should like the DLC too.

The DLC focuses more on the story and characters relationships, with several lines and even scenes that change depending on your love interest. Because of that we thought to add a menu at beginning of the DLC, so that once you played the story to the end, you can replay choosing the starting conditions quickly with the menu (without the need to start the game from beginning or keep a lot of different savegames).

Of course, there are still battles, and thanks to the main metagame of “rebuilding Ninim” also some strategy. Let me know your thoughts about the difficulty: I am not sure that in the current beta the game can be beaten in Nightmare mode… 🙂

If everything goes as planned I should get the missing images by mid-April, so that’s when I’ll release the DLC officially.

Work on the other games goes on as planned. I keep getting weekly updates for more or less all of them. I definitely want to have one of the dating sims in progress out during the Summer 😉


Also, Roger Steel writer made a very interesting post in my forums with an update about the game itself:

The bad news is that it won’t be out soon, the good news is that it will be much bigger and very similar in gameplay to Loren, with even a greater emphasis on choices and relationships. People who want, will be able to play it in pure visual novel mode, using choices to raise skills and fighting battles automatically 🙂

Seasons Of The Wolf soft release!


First of all, happy Halloween 🙂 The image above seemed appropriate for this occasion!

I’m proud to announce that I’ve put SOTW live on my site. Is still in “soft release” mode. What does it means? It’s a sort of soft-launch, not because is not complete (it has been complete since two weeks!) but because there might still be some small bug or gameplay tweak.

I want to be clear, the game is complete, you can play the full story and discover all its secrets. There are only some minor things like battle tweaking/balancing, we’re currently trying to make the battle shorter by lowering enemies HP in some scenes, but still trying to preserve the difficulty by increasing their attack/speed.

In one of the latest updates I even added a “tweak menu” that the user can invoke with the letter key o:


Since I don’t have big testing team and limited resources I thought to try that, since is optional it means the base game is untouched, but if enough people play with it and share their experiences, I might “commit” the tweaks. I think the first one should be “safe”, but you never know. The latest option, +30% attack and +15% speed with -30% HP can lead to some funny results 😀

Ideally I wanted to release the game next month, in mid-end of November, before the “Christmas madness” (in which a lot of titles and promotion take up all the people’s attention). However after spending a year on it, I definitely don’t want to rush things! That’s why I’ve added that menu, to get some final feedback from players.

The game price is currently at $24.99 but will increase to $29.99 once it’s officially out (not before mid-November in any case). Why? Because the game lasts longer than Loren+DLC put together! Really, is very long 🙂 And also has a lo more features (isometric map, randomized items, lots of skills, better battles, more animation/characters/locations, etc etc).

Also, this isn’t an official announcement yet, but I’m talking with the writer about a possible DLC. I won’t go in details since would involve spoilers about the story 🙂 But it should be an interesting setting/story, happening after the events of act4.

People asked me about mobile and/or Steam: the game definitely will come to mobile, even if I’m not sure how playable will be on small screen device (as always you’ll have a demo to play before deciding if is worth buying) and regarding Steam I’ve put the game on Greenlight here:

I am not sure if I was supposed to put it there, but anyway getting more votes won’t hurt 😉

I have no time estimate for when it will be on Steam but as always if you buy direct you’ll get a free Steam key later, so not a big deal! As for mobile I first need to do some tweaks to the interface to adapt it to the touch devices, so that will take longer (at least a month).

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for news about the other games.

Happy Valentines Day!

Wait, what!? What Isabella just said? this is craaaaaaazy!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

As you can see from the funny screenshot above, Isabella likes to joke. There are many other embarrassing/crazy/hilarious situations like that one thorough the game. Want to find out more? You can now preorder the game here:

And if you don’t mind a few bugs and are eager to play the game, you can participate to the beta testing currently going on in my forums:

Promo sale with 30% discount

To celebrate Valentine’s day, until Sunday (included) you can use the coupon VALENTINE in the shopping cart to get a 30% discount on all the games!

(This discount doesn’t include Roommates since it is just in beta!)

The discount doesn’t override the automatic bundles discounts either. For example, if you want to buy the Flower Shop bundle, you need to purchase The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook and The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook individually for the 30% Valentine’s Day discount to work.

Sorry about that, but I didn’t have time to make a fully automated discount!

Coming soon

Once Roommates beta ends, I’ll focus on the RPG Seasons Of The Wolf which hopefully will be available on beta around April. Meanwhile, next week we will begin talking about a new game in the works that features awesome people like these:


Next week you have a meeting with Nicole

A screenshot taken from the game trailer. Apologize for the blurriness 😉

Yes you heard it well, next week (weekend probably) you have a meeting with a certain Nicole! Those are bold words, I know, but if I check the project status:

  • all writing completed: check
  • all texts proofread: almost (Sarah is checking them this weekend but she’s basically done)
  • all art done: check
  • all music ready: check
  • all GUI/icons done: only a few gift items are missing, but is not a problem, I can start the beta anyway even with temporary art
  • coding: need to finish implementing the online shopping and the gifts, but in a week it should be no problem

Of course in case wasn’t clear, I’m still talking about the beta testing version, but in this case should be very close to the final product (probably only some minor tweaking on stats/money/relationship and difficulty levels).

The goal is to have the game on sale for Halloween. Even if seems far away, I know from past experiences that it’s going to be very hard to release it officially before that date, but we’ll try! 😉

At least once this game is out I won’t say anymore every year “damn I wish I had a game good of Halloween!”. And when Undead Lily is out, I’ll have two! Speaking of which, below you see some nice (and not so nice, like the Harpy) card creatures:

From left to right: the Nymph, the Harpy and the Mermaid

Of course there’ll be a variety of genders from the classic mythology, those are only the ones which were done first 🙂

That’s all for now, going back to work on Nicole, I have a new deadline to meet!