Supernova: Galactic Wars release history

A strategy space game with realtime battles
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Supernova: Galactic Wars release history

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Supernova (version 1.1.3)

Official Page:

I've decided to release a new BETA version of this game, I've added a Survival Mode (only for already registered users), and also a Mac Universal Binary build.

The download links are:
games/SupernovaTrial.exe (Pc version)
games/ (Mac OSX version 10.2+)
games/ (Universal Binary 10.4+)

What’s New in 1.1.3

· fixed wrong statistic bug in the result screen
· you can quit from the fight itself pressing “Q” key when paused
· Phantom Shield now grants only a bonus of half-damage from shots (not full immunity as before) to better balance the game
· added survivor battle mode, you'll be in control of the mothership and you'll have to survive as long as possible! After you destroy an opponent, a new one will appear after 10 seconds. In this short time you'll be able to pickup a repair bonus to restore some of the ship lost hitpoints.

What’s New in 1.1.2

· added surface graphic to planet battles, with enemy base visible and layered clouds, in future updates you'll be able to attack the enemy base
· fixed some missiles behaviour to make them more accurate

What’s New in 1.1

· you can start a battle also pressing any key (and not only with mouse click)
· increased AI difficulty, now the computer ships aim better and turn more quickly
· fixed starting opponent position on battlefield that sometimes caused ships to go into a loop circle
· reduced damage when two ships collide to better balance both factions
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