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TV management tycoon game
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Just My Thoughts

Post by Jake92 »

Hey everybody, new to the forums. I recently purchased the game about a month ago and as i was playing it i was thinking can i do this or could i do that and i realise i cannot haha.

Maybe i am missing something, but can I change the number of episodes in a series that I am creating? or is it completely random?

Also I was wondering can I renew a series if a series is successful, could i produce series 2 or 3 etc?
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Re: Just My Thoughts

Post by jack1974 »

Disclaimer: that game is 5 years old (I made it in 2007! time flies). So what I remember is: the number of episodes depends on the budget you assign to it. About producing another, since you can decide the series name you can use same parameters and add a 2-3 to the title :mrgreen:
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