which art style for a yuri dating sim ?

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what kind of art you'd like to see in a yuri dating sim

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Re: which art style for a yuri dating sim ?

Post by Rincewind »

I like cute manga style.

Nicole is very nice. (I can't wait for the yuri version!) And the art of Spirited Heart Girls Love is amazing too. Very cute!
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Re: which art style for a yuri dating sim ?

Post by candesco »

In my opinion there is already a whole bunch of manga/anime games already. You have only to look at devs like hanako and moacube to get the picture.
Also, i'm not really a manga/anime fan myself. I don't mind to play games with that art. heck, i already play games like ys origin, trails in the sky, long live the queen, cinders, magical diary, analogue: a hate story, go go nippon, etc. So i get my share with it already. And i like the art of nicole too.
But i really would like to see something different, more like loren or that of pscd. Also, the art of pscd isn't much seen in the world of VN.
So, as for me i say the loren or pscd style and actually i go more for the latter one, as already said you barely see that.
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Re: which art style for a yuri dating sim ?

Post by iWeasle »

Hate to break it to you, but I'm guessing the style has been locked in since we're getting to see the character art for the game :) viewtopic.php?f=43&t=3526 .
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