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Harbinger's Fanfiction (Loren and Eleanor)

Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2015 8:04 am
by Harbinger1975
Loren – Amazon Princess: The Fire Rises

-One year after the fall of Fost-

The Citadel was abuzz with activity as the Amazons were getting ready for the festival that honored the Great-Mothers and their current sitting queen, Loren. Loren looked out the window of the main chambers at her sisters below. The former slaves of the Amazons had become part of Amazon society as their equals and was working side by side with the Amazons now to get ready for the feast. It was not an easy transition, but those that had challenged Loren’s decision had earned respect for the Queen when Loren bested them in combat and accepted her decision to free the slaves. But none of this would have ever had come to pass if it weren’t for Eleanor. Eleanor had been a former elven slave and a strong warrior that use to protect Loren by order of her superiors. During the entire build up and ultimate war against Fost, Eleanor had been at Loren’s side from the second she left the Citadel to find the former Queen, Karen, Loren’s mother. Eleanor did her best to serve Loren and guide her through her own morals. But it never occurred to Eleanor how much she had fallen in love with Loren. And the same was said for Loren. Loren herself never imagined herself ever being in love. Especially with an elven slave. Now, Loren couldn’t imagine herself without Eleanor. Eleanor was all she needed. She even did away with the harem a Queen normally would have had. Loren allowed herself a wistful smile thinking about Eleanor. Even as Loren’s lover and spouse, Eleanor had her own duties. The Amazons welcomed Eleanor’s guidance and were as ready to give their lives for her as they would for Loren.

Loren took in a slow breath. She felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist and smiled. She turned to see Eleanor and pulled her in close for a deep kiss. After the kiss, she smiled at Eleanor. “You look amazing.”

Eleanor blushed. “You’re just biased.”

Loren laughed. “Yes, I most certainly am. Queen’s prerogative.” The two stood holding each other as they looked down at the activity below. “It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year.”

“I know. So much has happened in that year. Sometimes I think it was easier fighting demons and Fost.” Eleanor rested her head on Loren’s shoulder.

“I completely agree.” Loren nodded.

Breeza entered the main chambers and saluted them both. “Your majesty, Eleanor.”

Loren narrowed her eyes at Breeza. She always seemed to have a canny ability to interrupt a tender moment. “This had better be important, Commander.”

Breeza bowed her head. “Please forgive my intrusion, your majesty. But this scroll came from Elder Druid Myrth. The elf who delivered it said it was important.”

Eleanor took the scroll and opened it. She held it in a way so Loren could read it with her. The scroll read: “Loren, Eleanor. The forest cries out in pain. It’s not Mesphit or the Dark Elves. Whatever is causing the pain is powerful. Please, come and speak to me so at the Grand Tree. You are the only ones I can trust.” It was signed by Myrth. Eleanor looked at Loren. “We have to help her, Loren.”

When it came to their friends, Loren needed no coaxing to help them. Myrth was always a good friend to Loren and Eleanor. “Commander, ready the griffons. Eleanor and I will go and speak to the Elder Druid.”

Breeza shifted nervously. “Your majesty, most of the griffons are being used by our scouts and they won’t be back for another half hour. There’s only one griffon that has not been taken.”

Eleanor looked up at Loren. “It’s alright, Loren. I’ll go on ahead. You can catch up when the scouts return.”

Loren didn’t like the idea of Eleanor going on her own. But the griffons could only carry one rider at a time. But she knew Eleanor could take care of herself being she was a very capable warrior. “I don’t like the idea of you going alone, Eleanor. You know…”

Eleanor smiled, touched by Loren’s concern. She stood on her toes and kissed Loren on the lips. “I know how you feel about it. And I appreciate your concern. I promise I’ll be careful.”

Loren nodded. “Alright. Wait for me at the Grand Tree. I’ll catch up to you and Myrth there.”

Eleanor smiled and headed off to their personal chambers to get into her armor and grab her weapons. Ten minutes later, Eleanor was on the last griffon and headed towards the Elven forest. Loren watching her from the window.

-In a cavern on the east side of the Everburn Mountains-

A lone figure stood at a pyre, watching the images of what was happening at that second at the Amazon Citadel. The figure was cloaked in shadow, eyes burning with evil intent. Watching as Eleanor left on the griffon through the pyre flames. “You escaped us before, elf. Never again. Your family only delayed the inevitable. Our power is unmatched.” The figure turned to a creature lurking in the shadows of the cave. “Bring her to us. Unharmed.” The creature emitted a low rumble and left to carry out its master’s order.

(This story will be done in several parts. Just as an FYI)

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Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 5:53 am
by Harbinger1975
The Fire Rises – Part II

-In a cavern in the east side of the Everburn Mountains-

Everything was hazy, muddled. The last thing she remembered was the griffon screeching and then falling fast to the ground below. She felt a sharp pain in her side. It hurt to take any kind of deep breath. The side of her head also hurt and she had a throbbing headache. As Eleanor opened her eyes, her vision was blurry. But it was stifling hot. She looked up to see her wrists bound above her head in irons. She looked back down towards an immense pyre in the center of the cavern. From around the back of the pyre, what looked like an Inferno Hound came into view. But it was more than a normal inferno hound. This thing was bulkier. It looked like some kind of dark flames lapped around it.

A shadowed figure walked up to the hound from the shadows. “We told you to bring her unharmed.” The figure with the burning red eyes glared at the hound. The hound cowered back. “No matter. Her being alive will be more than enough.”

Eleanor was still having trouble seeing clearly. Her vision would clear then blur again. “Fost? How…?”

The figure looked at Eleanor and emitted a dark chuckle. The sound sent shivers up Eleanor’s spine. “No. We are not Fost. We are your salvation, not destruction.”

Eleanor’s vision cleared again. The shadowy figure had no real form. It was there, but just a black form. Eleanor struggled against the chains. “What are you then? Are you so afraid to show yourself for what you really are?”

The shadowy figure’s form fluctuated. “We are legion. We are not one, but many. You could not possibly comprehend what we are. But you are the key to our arrival.”

Eleanor froze. That alone sent sheer terror racing through her body. “I don’t even know you!” She shouted.

“But we know of you. A special elven child given to the Amazons. Whether out of knowledge of your destiny or fear is irrelevant. But after all this time, you are ours. You will herald our arrival.” The form’s eyes flashed briefly. “But the time has not yet come. In three days, your life will open the gateway to us. Our numbers will darken the land and all will know our power.”

-Inside of the Elven lands near the Grand Tree-

Loren leaned forward on her griffon. She had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. Something was wrong. All her instincts screamed to fly lower and Loren did just that. The griffon swooped low and there Loren saw it. Eleanor’s griffon. The underbelly was scored by some kind of fire. But Eleanor was not to be seen anywhere. Loren landed her griffon and ran over to the dead one. Searching the area, Loren found a small dagger that belonged to Eleanor. The strap had been torn on a fallen tree. Loren’s Amazon training kicked in. She wasn’t just a worried lover. She was a very upset Amazonian Queen. One of her people was taken. And she would be damned if she wasn’t going to find that Amazon. As Loren was about to move a little further, Myrth appeared from behind a tree.

“Loren!” Myrth ran over. “By the Forest, thank all the gods you’re here. The forest screamed in pain not long ago and…” Myrth looked over Loren’s shoulder to the dead griffon. “Oh no…no no no please don’t tell me…”

Loren held up Eleanor’s dagger. “She was taken, not killed. Someone went to a lot of trouble to capture but not kill her.”

Rei dropped down from the tree Myrth came out from behind. “I agree. There’s broken branches and claw marks everywhere showing that Eleanor was dragged off. Which means, she was unconscious.” Rei nodded to Loren. “I would have made proper greetings, but…knowing you…”

“You are right, Rei. I’m in no mood for pleasantries. Someone took Eleanor from me.” Loren clenched her hand over Eleanor’s dagger. “And I’m damn sure going to find her and kill the ones who took her.”

Mryth placed her hand on Loren’s shoulder. “Then it might be wise if we sent for the others. If we’re going to have any chance to save Eleanor, we’ll need all our friends to help us.”

Loren nodded. “Then let’s waste no more time.”

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Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 8:25 am
by jack1974
That's nice. You know, several people writing for me now started by posting fan-fiction in my forums :mrgreen:

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Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 8:56 am
by Harbinger1975
This is just a short and sweet story I'm doing. I've done much more detailed fanfiction on Same name I use here. I might do a much larger version of this story, but I'm respecting your property. You as the developer have your own ideas and that's the major reason I haven't even named the enemy because I don't want to infringe on your product. I don't want to step on what your current writers are doing. This is just a story from my own head.

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Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 9:03 am
by jack1974
Haha no worries! It's cool :)

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Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 3:17 am
by Harbinger1975
The Fire Rises – Part 3

-Inside the cavern on the east side of the Everburn Mountains-

Eleanor was having a very hard time keeping her head up. She felt weak. Her eyes would barely open. Near her feet was a lavender crystal that was very slowly draining her life’s energy and had been doing so for two days. The shadowed figure had only appeared once in the two days while the hound stayed in the shadows to guard over the figure’s “herald”. Every so often the beast would get up and pace around, sniffing for anything that could be a threat. When it found nothing, it would lay back down and just stare at Eleanor. A lone tear fell down Eleanor’s cheek. Her life with Loren had just barely begun. And now it would end just as quickly as it started.

Walking through an adjacent cavern, a familiar succubus ran her fingers along the wall. It had been a year since Fost’s death and Jul was enjoying her so-called freedom. Well, as much as Sauzer would let her have. But it at least he wasn’t threatening her life. As she came upon a break in the cavern wall, she saw light from a fire illuminating a sliver of the ground ahead. Jul moved quietly and very carefully peeked her head around. She nearly gasped and caught herself from making the sound as she saw Eleanor held up by chains. She then saw the hound that was guarding her to the left. And then Jul looked down at Eleanor’s feet and saw the crystal. She narrowed her eyes knowing exactly what it was. Jul darted behind her cover as the hound stood up to sniff around again. She stopped breathing so that the hound wouldn’t catch the scent of her breath or hear her breathing. When she heard the hound lay back down, she exhaled softly. With careful and quiet speed, she went back to where Fost’s former castle had been. Sitting on the throne was Sauzer. He arched an eyebrow as he saw Jul approach, out of breath.

“Why do you look like you just saw a ghost?” Sauzer asked.

“It’s…the elf…” She panted. “The Amazon’s lover…”

Sauzer stood up. “Eleanor?!”

Jul nodded.
“What is going on, Jul? Answer me now.” Sauzer’s eyes glowed, demanding an answer.

Jul finally caught her breath. “I was walking through the eastern caverns when I noticed a light. When I looked at where the light was coming from, I saw the elf girl being held up by chains and a siphon crystal being used to drain her life energy. A hound was guarding her.”

“An inferno hound?” Sauzer asked.

“No, this one was different. Bulkier. And looked to be made of shadow. But the crystal is the larger threat. And by the looks of how weak the elf is, it won’t be much longer before the crystal has taken all her life energy.” Jul put her hands on her hips.

“And what will happen when it’s done?” Sauzer had a feeling he knew, but he has to ask.

“She’ll die.” Jul scowled. Sauzer stormed over and grabbed Jul’s arm, roughly. “Ow! Hey!”

“If I know Loren, she’s looking for Eleanor and most likely has gathered all of my old friends. You are going to help them rescue Eleanor.” Sauzer’s eyes flashed. “You’re going to tell them EXACTLY where she is.”

Jul frowned. She really had no desire to help Loren. But even she had to admit that whatever was trying to kill Eleanor was someone even she should be afraid of. “Fine.” With that, both Sauzer and Jul disappeared from the Everburn Mountains.

-At Ramas’ and Dora’s home in Hammerhands.-

Dora’s mouth fell open as Loren explained what they found near the Grand Tree. “What?! Oh no! No blasted…thing…is gonna kidnap my friend!”

Ramas grabbed his axe. “Ya damn right, darlin’! We be with ya, yer majesty!”

Loren smiled. She had finally gathered the last of the group that helped to defeat Fost. But two days passed and still no one had found another clue as to where Eleanor was. The trail went cold at the edge of the elven lands. And she was growing more and more worried.

Karen placed her hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “My daughter, we’ll find her. I won’t let you lose Eleanor as I lost Ryzom.”

Loren tried to smile. But couldn’t. A small breeze kicked up as both Sauzer and Jul appeared. Remembering what Jul did to her and the others, Loren drew the Hawke Blade and was ready to cut Jul down.

Sauzer raised his hand. “Easy, Loren! She’s not here to attack. I swear it.”

Loren narrowed her eyes. “I only spare her life because I have more pressing concerns, Sauzer.”

“Eleanor, I know.” Sauzer nodded. “Jul found her.”

“What?!” Loren erupted. She was ready to shake Jul violently to get the information out of her, but Myrth and Karen held her back.

Chambara chuckled. “Oh you might want to tell her fast, demon. Because I think restraint left about thirty seconds ago.”

Jul swallowed hard. She knew Chambara was right. Loren would beat her senseless to get the information. Jul remembered how dedicated Loren was to her friends. She was the only one to break free of her control. And being she and Eleanor were so close. “Alright. I found the elf…”

“Her name is Eleanor!” Loren roared.

“…Eleanor…in one of the caverns on the east side of the Everburn Mountains.” Jul swallowed some courage. “There is some kind of…shadow hound…guarding her and a siphon crystal draining the elf….Eleanor’s…life force. She doesn’t have very long before it kills her.”

Sauzer drew attention back to himself. “We can guide you to the shortest path to the cavern. I have a pretty good idea of where it is. But Jul will have to guide us to the exact place inside. Those caverns can be mazes.”

Draco spoke up. “Then standing here talking isn’t getting us to her any faster, is it?”

For once, Loren agreed. “We move out, now.”

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Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 4:55 pm
by Harbinger1975
The Fire Rises – Part 4

-Inside the cavern in the eastern Everburn Mountains-

The shadowy figure watched as only twenty minutes remained until the crystal completed siphoning off Eleanor’s life energies. The shadowy form fluctuated as it watched with anticipation. The hound stayed in the shadows, watching. “The time is nearly upon us, elf. Your life energies will serve as a conduit that will open the gateway and we will again walk this world.” His eyes glowed brightly. “We are the beginning, you will be the end.”

Eleanor, with what little strength she had, looked up. Tears fell down her cheeks and hit the floor of the cavern. She opened her mouth to try to speak. “I…d..deny….” She couldn’t keep her head up. It fell back down. She wanted to fight, wanted to spit in his face. If he even had one. She wanted to give one last act of defiance.

In the cavern pathway that Jul found, Jul pointed to the opening that had the same firelight. But this time, there was another light. Loren walked over and carefully peeked around the corner. What she saw nearly broke her heart. She watched as Eleanor fought hard to raise her own head, she saw the tears falling down her cheek and heard her speak, or try to. Seeing Eleanor like this, seeing her love, her life like this sent Loren into a battle rage. She drew her blades and charged into the cavern. “RELEASE HER! NOW!”

The shadowy form turned and looked at Loren. He watched as all the others filed in from the passageway. “I am Kry’thax!” His power exploded. “Our power is unmatched. Nothing stands against us. Prepare for your annihilation!”

Loren let out a powerful warcry and charged at Kry’thax. A shadowy sword formed in Kry’thax’s hands. Their swords clashed. The power of the Hawke Blade and the shadow blades sparked power. “Free Eleanor! NOW!”

Trouble, Draco’s Inferno Hound, charged at the Shadow hound as it tried to charge at Loren. The two hounds fighting.

The rest of the group ran to Eleanor. Ramas looked at the crystal. “Let’s destroy this damned thing!” He shouted as he raised his axe.

“No!” Jul stopped him. “Don’t destroy it, you idiot! If you destroy it, you kill the elf! She’s linked to it!”

“We have t’ do somethin’!” Dora shouted at Jul.

“We have to send her life energies back to her and sever the link CAREFULLY. Any disruption will kill her.” Jul sat down and placed her hand around it and looked at Myrth and Chambara. “I need you two. It takes three to send energies back. It requires three points. “Life, Death, and Spirit.” She watched as the other two sat and acted as a focus of the other two points. The siphon crystal began to send Eleanor her life energies back to her. Jul chanted while the others stood guard to protect Eleanor with their lives.

Loren and Kry’thax fought hard. Loren refused to give in. All her time training was helping her to keep up the fight to give the others time to save Eleanor from the crystal.

Kry’thax growled. “You have merely delayed the inevitable.” Kry’thax caused a sword lock. “Submit now, Amazon. You cannot stop us. You are ignorant, we are knowing.”

“NEVER!” Loren roared at him.

“Your minions will fail.” Kry’thax fell back as Loren broke the sword lock. He looked at Eleanor as she started to come to. He looked back at Loren. “I sense your weakness. Your attacks are an insult. My attacks will tear you apart!” Kry’thax lunged at Loren, sending power through his weapons.

Loren braced herself and stood against the strength of his attack. “I will not let you take her! Or anyone of this world! This I swear! GIVE ELEANOR BACK TO ME!” She kicked Kry’thax back as she pushed his sword back, throwing him off balance.

The siphon crystal stopped glowing. The energies it collected returned to Eleanor. Jul nodded at Ramas who used his greataxe and shattered the crystal. Eleanor was now fully awake.

Kry’thax looked at Eleanor as he felt the crystal shatter. “Elf, you could have been useful. You cannot escape your destiny.”

With Eleanor safe, Sauzer glared at Kry’thax. He charged and landed an Eagle kick, sending Kry’thax into the wall of the cavern. The Hawke Blade glowed in Loren’s hand. She dropped her one sword, knowing what this meant. She glared at Kry’thax. “It’s over!” With a fluid motion, she slashed the Hawke Blade in the air. It’s power cutting through the rock of the cavern and hitting Kry’thax.

His form sputtered as the power of the Hawke Blade hit him. He fell to the floor but looked up defiantly as Loren used the blade to break the chains holding Eleanor up.

Eleanor looked at Loren and held her, kissing her deeply. Crying and thankful. Loren wasn’t going to berate her. She couldn’t. Not after knowing what she had just been through. Eleanor looked up as the cavern shook. The attack from the Hawke Blade caused the caverns to become unstable.

Loren looked at the group. “We have to get out of here!”

The group started to run out of the cavern and weave through the passage way, they could hear Kry’thax’s voice. “Amazon, you have changed nothing. You have merely delayed the inevitable.” The sounds of rocks crashing down was heard. “Amazon, I will always survive. Flee while you can. Your world will be our warground. We will end you. Your race has the attention of those infinitely your greater. That which you know as Death Knights are your destruction. You will surrender your potential against the growing void. We will return, and you will die. Nothing will stop us. We are the harbingers of your destruction. PREPARE FOR OUR DOMINATION! PREPARE FOR OUR COMING!” The final sound of the cavern caving in rang through the passageway. The group ran out of the mouth of the cave as a dust plume shot out.

Everyone looked back to the collapsed cave. Loren held Eleanor close and tight. The look on Loren’s face told Eleanor everything. Loren was afraid. She was upset. Both nearly lost one another. “Loren…I…”

Loren tried to look angry. “You are NEVER leaving my side again. I will never let you go anywhere alone. I can’t….I won’t lose you. Ever.” But her expression saddened as she held Eleanor tight to her.

Karen directed the group away and spoke silently. “We need to give them time alone.” Karen knew the feeling of loss. And right now, Eleanor and Loren needed to be alone.

Eleanor buried her face into Loren’s chest and just cried. She didn’t care if anyone heard her. Days of that torture, knowing she could have been lost was too much to hold back anymore.

Loren also let her own tears fall, kissing Eleanor on the top of her head. “Great-Mothers, I thought I would lose you forever.”

“I’m sorry, Loren, I didn’t expect any of this…” Eleanor sniffed.

“I know. None of us did. But now…we have to prepare. If this is what’s coming, we have to get everyone ready.” Loren ran her hand over Eleanor’s back, calming her elven spouse and lover.

“It won’t be easy. We don’t have proof.” Eleanor looked up.

Loren smiled. “Oh I think Myrth had that part covered.”

Eleanor looked confused. But she remembered Myrth’s eyes glowing as she opened her own eyes. Myrth had glanced back as she was being protected. Myrth had used her far sight to show the druidic council of the coming danger. But also the elder human mage, Apolimesho, received this far sight from Myrth. There would be no question of the coming danger now. Or at least, Eleanor hoped.

Loren looked into Eleanor’s eyes. “Let’s go home.”

Eleanor nodded. “Please. I want to be away from her as soon as possible.”

Loren and Eleanor met up with the group and everyone headed back to the Citadel. The group knowing this would not be the end. But at least there would be a reprieve. Enough time to prepare. And this time, Loren and Eleanor and their friends would ensure everyone was prepared.

-The end?-

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Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 11:14 pm
by AfricanPride
great story kinda wish we had myrths abilities in mass effect would have made everything so much easier XD