Forum Rules - Read Me First!

Anything not related to one of my specific games, like general polls or promo/sale announcements. For general talk about games, go to the Golden Lion subforum
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Forum Rules - Read Me First!

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Welcome to the Winter Wolves Forums. There are a few rules that exist here to maintain a fun and friendly atmosphere.

NOTE: to prevent spamming in this section, I changed posting rules (only moderators can post now).
If you want to post links use the General Chat forum please :)

The Rules
1. Posts that personally attack or insult members are not allowed. If you feel that somebody has been a bad host or player then you may so say, but refrain from insulting them personally. Doing so usually causes the thread to go nowhere anyway.

2. Links to webpages or images that contain explicit or offensive materials must have a clear warning saying so.

3. Any 'hate speech' which attacks or insults a group of people based on their skin color, race, religion, sex, nationality, or sexual orientation is strictly prohibited. It doesn't matter if you are 'joking', this will get you banned.

Violation of the rules means your post will be edited or deleted. Repeated violation will get you banned from the forums. Any disagreements will be decided by the moderators, and their decisions are final.

Some Suggestions
1. When starting a new thread give it a clear and meaningful subject line that describes the post. Examples of some BAD subject lines are: "a question", "read me", "please help", etc.

2. Try to stay on-topic when replying to a thread. Of course it is inevitable that threads will wander from their initial focus, but you should start a new thread if you are introducing a new idea that you think will generate lots of discussion in itself.
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