King of Dragon Pass (an RPG/Visual Novel)

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King of Dragon Pass (an RPG/Visual Novel)

Post by Miakoda »

Hope this is the right place to post this. If it isn't, I will gladly delete the post.

For those who like rpgs, you might give King of Dragon Pass a chance.

I personally classify it as an RPG, but it certainly has elements of a strategy/civilization game, and its delivery will definitely put one in mind of a visual novel.

Admittedly, if you like to create a personal avatar to run through this game, you might wish to give this one a pass. You control a clan who fled its homeland after a tyrant took control, and you are trying to survive in the wilds of Dragon Pass. Events (with different pictures) will appear, and you have a variety of choices which affects the course of your clan. More interesting, sometimes a choice will work great, and other times fail miserably.

It has its moments of humor, as well as seriousness. One of my favorite arcs (as well as amusing pictures) can be seen at the King of Dragon Pass wiki:

The game first came out in 1999, and a PC version of it is available at for $5.99 (although it is frequently on sale for less).

If one has an Apple device (iPad, etc) one can purchase it for the iOS devices for $10.. In fact, it is still being updated with new content on the iOS version.

So why am I mentioning it? Well, I actually found out about games like Loren: Amazon Princess! while searching for games reminiscent of King of Dragon Pass, and it led me here.
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Re: King of Dragon Pass (an RPG/Visual Novel)

Post by jack1974 »

Yes no worries, posting links related to my kind of games in this forum is fine. I heard about that game a lot of times but never got to actually buy/play it (no time...).
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