Ren'Py Tutorials - create your own Visual Novel!

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Ren'Py Tutorials - create your own Visual Novel!

Post by MaximB » Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:13 am

As some of you may know, most of WW games are made in the beautiful, easy to learn, free and open source Ren'Py engine,
This engine was made for visual novels and indeed a lot of free and commercial games use it.

A few days ago I begun learning it a bit, and compare to other engines - it's very easy to learn!
This engine uses the Python scripting language, so if you know it - it's a plus.

There are many tutorials on youtube, but I recommend The Grand Schema Things : ... a-TvM43Fow

This channel thought me a lot of behind the scenes, and how to create XYZ.
After learning this, you will not look at visual novel games trough the same eyes.

Highly recommended.

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