Typos Thread!

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Re: Typos Thread!

Post by Miakoda » Sat Dec 26, 2015 6:49 pm

Thanks Alex81. I will get these typos fixed soon. Holidays, and other works was keeping me busy.

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Re: Typos Thread!

Post by Franka » Sat Dec 26, 2015 7:00 pm

I currently have about 200 screenshots of typos to go through when I have the time, I'm guessing some were reported already. I have to import some screenshots from the old comp first, but I'll get around to it.

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Re: Typos Thread!

Post by Miakoda » Sun Dec 27, 2015 10:53 pm

Okay, all typos are currently fixed on my end.
Franka wrote:I currently have about 200 screenshots of typos to go through when I have the time, I'm guessing some were reported already. I have to import some screenshots from the old comp first, but I'll get around to it.
Take your time. I appreciate it, but you should also enjoy the holiday season.

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Re: Typos Thread!

Post by Franka » Sun Dec 27, 2015 11:04 pm

Miakoda wrote:
Franka wrote:I currently have about 200 screenshots of typos to go through when I have the time, I'm guessing some were reported already. I have to import some screenshots from the old comp first, but I'll get around to it.
Take your time. I appreciate it, but you should also enjoy the holiday season.
I'm actually working this weekend, but I recovered my screenshots, and I expect to get to it tomorrow, after work.

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Re: Typos Thread!

Post by Franka » Mon Dec 28, 2015 7:23 pm

Sorry if any of these have already been reported, I don't want to cause extra work.

First batch:
Well, it still better odds than buying a lottery ticket.
- it's still

They are beautiful; and giving them as a gift shows you feel the same way to that person.
- same way about that person.

Of course everyone knew what it meant, but this would allow them a chance to flirt, or whatever, without being so crass as comment upon it.
- so crass as to comment

And when like our love, shall take root and blossom?
- I'm actually not sure what you're saying here.

I know it was possible to impress someone's emotions, and surface thoughts, but there was always a limiting factor that it had to sufficiently strong to work
- had to be sufficiently strong

With someone's memory, you could download put it into something else.
- download and put it

I was ordered to the firing range to test the ballistic resistance of what appears to be the science departments new required dress uniform:
- science department's

Named after an obscure 20th century author about robotics.
- author writing about robotics. (?)

I...I'm sorry to report, but that was one of the first pieces data deleted during the attack.
- pieces of data

Or else your trying to seduce them to our side by showing off your abs.
- you're trying

The Maradans nod at the command, and then one points toward you, asking, "But what of her?
- Missing a " at the end. "But what of her?"

However, it appears a full-fledged city appeared in our boundaries.
- within our boundaries.

A skeleton of its former self, it stones taken for other projects, sometimes abandoned to the cats.
- its stones

Yes. The Palidrayans' have first claim to the city.
- Palidrayans have

Yes, but I never heard anyone using Mountains of Madness to help their child sleep.
- Nitpicking, it's probably ok as shorthand speak, but isn't that At the Mountains of Madness?

You turn off the movie with a deep click, finding Charlotte had nestled into your side, and was comfortable with it. Meanwhile, Alicia is excitedly yada yada
- There's a bit of confusing tense here. finding Charlotte has nestled into your side, and is comfortable with it.
or just: finding Charlotte nestled into your side, comfortable with it.

Silence fills the room as you and Alicia look at each other and little to say.
- with little to say.

I was dreading this, but since Alicia brought it up...do you think could keep dating someone with a child?
- do you think you could keep

Or did have some other fun? Of the sexy kind.
- Or did you have some other fun?

Except your resistance prevents me from sharing your sleeping together...at least in your dreams.
- I'm not sure what you're saying here.

Be still my fluttering heart. That was really sweet, although quite not needed.
- not quite needed.
- quite unneeded. (?)

Diana: Well, to borrow from your words, if a star fell from the heavens each time I thought of you, the sky would go dark.
Graciela: ...and would that be the only thing you'd do in the dark?
- That doesn't make any sense. Maybe ...and what would you do to me in the dark?

Graciela stands on her toes, and gives a deep kiss on the lips, further deepening your blush.
- give you a deep kiss

Proceed, but bear in mind I'm likely say no.
- likely to say no.

As Samuel will attest, before the creatures broke-out,
- broke out,

Oh, well in that case wouldn't work. But it has not much interest since Matricks are already easily mind-controlled by the Dredans psionicists...
- it wouldn't work.
- But it's of little interest
- Dredan psionicists...

hat if you grafted it with a terrestrial specis?
- What if

I had a grad student which spliced it with tomatoes.
- who spliced it

Rewor! You should put your claws back in.
- Rowr! (?)
- You should pull your claws back in.

Alex Nelson: Well done, Alex. Shame there isn't enough for a trophy.
- That should probably be Mira speaking. Or else Alex is a self congratulatory jerk.

Indeed. The Dredans have put economic sanctions on the Palidrayans', and the Maradans followed suit.
- Palidrayans,

There would be little we could do stop saturation bombing from orbit,
- do to stop

They've been making contacts with all of the other alien races.
- contact

After they were captured, I was able to do digging in their records.
- do some digging

It's nothing that need to concern you Captain.
- need concern

Well, we already have plants like certain orchids which don't need soil to grow; it wasn't impossible to engineer them to combine oxygen and hyrdrogen from the air to make water.
- hydrogen

I hope you can satisfy my curiosity about why there is a Maradan in colony and why Alicia is here.
- in the colony

Is a mythologist among her people.
- She is a

Then, she crept in, and capture the kits, bringing her back to the people.
- captured the kits
- bringing them back

She searched how and low, but couldn't find them.
- high and low

No, I'd more than willing to let, and let live.
- I'd be more
- to live, and let live.

They certainly weren't going to let their liaisons get stopped by some military protocal.
- protocol.

If anything, she is more than likely give out pointers.
- to give

Actually, that sounds like it could be like fun.
- sound like it could be fun.

Love, I appreciate the effort your making to bond with her, but don't let her walk all over you.
- effort you're making

Reluctantly she lets you go as you remember while you are here.
- remember why you are here.

Graciela's eyes travel along the length of your leg, and you could see her lips part slightly, and she licks her lips.
- you can see
- , as she licks them.

Sometimes it's hard to tell, not unless you invade their mind.
- tell, unless you

I haven't felt Lola for a few day or two now.
- for a day or two

Or hit them from surprise. We could weaken all three aliens in one fell swoop.
- by surprise.
- alien races

I don't see how you can be so chummy with the humans. They're naked skin...it's repulsive.
- Their naked skin...

You scurry on the surface, wrecking it in your passage, scarring the beauteous' Mother's face with your trespasses.
- beauteous Mother's

However, I can't but notice how we all are at death's door w hen we least expect it.
- can't help but
- when we

Mizuki beams under your praise, and some of her tension leaves her body.
- at your praise,
- the tension

From the smoldering gazes, to the amount of...heat...your liable to catch fire.
- you're liable

You don't sound to enthused about that. Do you have a problem with robots?
- too enthused

I mean, it's hard to hug a pet dog if you have look out for sharp corners.
- have to look out

After all, as Catallus once said, 'Being silent does nothing for you...spread thighs blab it not so.
- Didn't Catallus say 'spread thighs blab it's not so.
- In any case theres an apostrophe missing at the end of the quotation.

And funnilt enough, this little tête-à-tête are going to give the robophobes more ammunition.
- is going to

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't wasn't the hibernaculum destroyed?
- You're wrong. ;) but wasn't the

I know I wanted to send second team out to make sure we didn't leave anything behind.
- send a second team

Two, and more importantly, the Palidrayans' attacked.
- Palidrayans attacked.

You are officers in the Emperess's Army. You have fifteen minutes to compose yourselves, and when you return, it better be as officers fit to wear his uniform.
- Empress'
- wear the uniform.

*laughs* I don't have to read her mind to picture her imagining you...laying out on the bed, bedecked only in your necklace.
- lying on the bed,

Indeed, Diana seems a bit out of sorts, though whether it was from your groups' previous drinking, or something else is hard to tell.
- group's

You almost sound like you'd rather be a poet and archeologist. I could get you a fedora and if you want.
- a fedora and... what?

There the two of you are. Heh, for a while there were rumors had it you both figured out how to live within the network.
- there were rumors you both
or - for a while rumors had it you both

If I was to hazard a guess, I would say some of them are jealous.
- If I were to

You're being serious aren't you? How long was I here, and no ever approached me?
- no one ever

Oh, a new game cooperative game Mizuki recommended, It was quite fun.
- a new cooperative game

I still say the computer cheated. I'm going to do some digging, but there is no way he could have survived the fall at Reichanbach Falls.
- Reichenbach

I looked like it needed a little salt.
- It looked

Oh? Something happen while I was out on maneuvers.
- maneuvers?

Only several people heard something clunking around in the vents.
- Only that
or simply - Several people heard

Well, Alicia did something, but not heart-attack inducing. No, she got much more entrepreneurial. I don't know whether to consider it troubling, or entrepreneurial.
- Ok, so you're in love with that word, but one of those entrepreneurials should probably be something else. :)

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Re: Typos Thread!

Post by Franka » Mon Dec 28, 2015 9:05 pm

Second batch:
Unless I'm mistaken, it looks there are fetal humans inside.
- It might not exactly be wrong (not sure), but I'd prefer human fetuses

Then we need to figure out why do the Apex Rahns want these?
- why the

There is no honor to enslave children.
- There is no honor in enslaving children.

It was an honor I could do without. Chief slave doesn't look good one one's resume.
- on one's

Even the slaves have their own castes. When the Alpha talked about making the Captain his own warleaders...he was honoring them in his fashion.
- Captains

There may be some individuals who rile against this decision, but know I honor your sacrifice, and service my soldiers, and it is with...
- I'm not sure "service my soldiers" is the right term to use...

Just be ready to live like a nomad if you do so. I don't recommend packing heavy if you do so.
- Too many "do so"s.

Very well, have it your way. In honor of our species newly found peace, I give you a gift of steel silk,
- species'

It's a thoughtful gift Queen Shiler, but you not necessary.
- but not

Don't delude yourself. As weak as your species appears, you feel lure of battle;
- the lure

Just to be sure, you're people won't take this as an act of war?
- your people

Nator, your outburst does you little credit. If only acid drips from your tongue, best to keep it closed.
- best to keep your mouth closed.

The Matrick go for simple domination. Fortunately, it is only most affective on their own people.
- effective

Just once I'd love to see a monster chokes to death on one victim.
- choke to death
- on a victim. or - on its victim.

Captain, do you think some of our own people trying to sabotage us?
- are trying

Understanding? No. You're Palidrayan-Bane. Ancestors' grant strength.
- Ancestors grant

Only a few. Mira assured me she can regenerate their teeth once they learned their lesson.
- they've learned

Not to mention the bootprints were sunk to deep to have come from a Maradan.
- too deep

I'm pleased to see the diplomats' were kept safe and sound during the attack.
- diplomats were

I bet the blood makes for a tough on the clean-up.
- a tough what? time?

Assuming it isn't completely wiped, have you discovered anything else in the Descorian's memory Lucius, Mizuki?
- I'd suggest - memory? Lucius? Mizuki?

A big discouraging; what fun is there with a clear-cut enemy?
- A bit

The more they are, the easier they're to smash.
- the easier they are

Descorian Prime disassembled. If Descorian Secundus engages enemy, then disassemble predicted.
- disassembly predicted.

Given general advertising trends, the Captains would have to be down dressed down in what is colloquially known as their 'skivvies'.
- would have to be dressed down

I took some samples from the children. What was an illness was actually a designer virus.
- What seemed an illness

Be of good cheer; I'm willing to let bygones be bygones. In fact, I offer you a peace offering.
Maybe - I present you with a peace offering. or I bring an offer of peace.

But how certain are this is the real Mira?
- certain are we

Good, they are the least of our concerns. Is there any change with about the satellites?
- change with the

I hate point out, but many of those innocents don't like humans either.
- point it out

And they cured Graciela and Samuel from the Palidrayan's crystal plague.
- the Palidrayan crystal plague.

If we let the Dredans know we are coming to help, then you know he isn't going to run off...if anything, Nator will use that as an opportunity one-up us.
- opportunity to one-up

I've already thought of that. I retained some samples from the Palidrayan's plague...
- Palidrayan plague...

I understand your stance, Charlotte, but it does no harm to hear all the options. What do you intend to use the crystalline dust?
- How do you intend

Take a closer look around you. See here? This is glass. If I was to guess, one of the Dredan's missed, and melted the sand with their energy crossbow.
- If I were to guess
- one of the Dredans missed,

If it was anyone else, I would agree with you. However, I believe it's because someone was hoping to get the drop on us...
- If it were anyone else,

And you don't think the Descorians wouldn't track you down?
- would track you down?

It is an interesting study in the human condition; right now, there appears to be a virtual war going on betwee two camps.
- study on the human condition;

It helps to be trained from childhood in it.
- It helps to be trained in it from childhood.

And they have a real hate for robots. As much as it pains me to say, but you might want court them as allies, Captain.
- to say, you might
- want to court them

With what? The Apex Rahn don't exactly let any but the most trusted of their slaves weapons practice because it might give them ideas,
- practice weapons

Correct. However, you were seeking a way to control the Apex Rahn, and this is would work, at least in the short term.
- and this would work,

Good point Charlotte. I should engineer it to so that getting the antidote gives one a euphoric high.
- engineer it so

That's the beauty of it; it will be in aerosol form. Whether it is vreathed in, or absorbed throught he skin, both are equally effective.
followed by
That's the beauty of it, there aren't any.
- Strike the second snetence, I guess.

Even if you get close, I doubt the Apex Rahn are going to let the Captain go after he's posioned them.
I've already thought of that. The Captain will have ten minutes in which they are immobile. This should give him time to explain the situation, and then flee.
- Both playing as Diana, who I don't believe is male.

If it is the same to you, I don't wish to be among them them without company.
- If it's all the same to you,

I don't know whether to be impressed or terrified, though. The lines of staked Descorians heads was a bit much.
- Descorian heads
- were a bit much.

Shhh. I believe Alpah S'lurix is over there.
- Alpha

They've done that actually. About fifty years ago, they were being pressed hard by the Palidrayan and Maradans. Of course, after their victory, the slaves were 'let go' to make their own way...except that wasn't the case. A field of bodies was found not to long after, the bones picked clean.
- Palidrayans and Maradans.
- not too long after

And its practically a guarantee we would come to blows with the Matrick again after the Descorian war.
- it's practically

I don't know how you can see that with a straight face, Rigel.
- say that

Give your previous actions, don't be surprised if the Matrick still turn on us.
- Given

You didn't taste Shiler's thoughts when the colony's machines revolted. It was sheer terror...never before did one her plans go so badly.
- one of her plans

What!? they're attacking from the opposite side too!
- They're

Good. I hate to say it, but this may be our best shot to taking out the Descorians.
- best shot at

I noticed they weren't with the bases' civilians.
- base's

Unless the beer is starting to affect my memory, but there is someone else who's missing?
- isn't there someone else missing?

By who's command?
- whose

I don't know. Mother...she asked me about what happened here, you know, a personal witness and I told her. She likes to keep things to her chest...
- close to her chest.

I've been jailed here for a day, and considering some of the stories I've heard about your mother, I figure I was going to become an object lesson.
- I figured

However, a good number of people, already distrustful of technology in the first place, would accuse any malfunctioning piece of technology of harboring Descorian code, especially when it resulted into injury or death.
- resulted in

Although, some of her greatest trophies were earned while hunting with Captain Diana Nelson, such as half-mile Boragrub still on display back on Earth.
- such as the half-mile

Mizuki still made sure to find time for her gaming, and even was instrumental in improving many game features such as improving the romance mechanics for centaur-mermaid relations in Age of Arvorn.
- Aravorn.

Captain, is it me, or does the Maradan force seem a bit...light? At least in compared to our previous battles.
- At least when compared to
or -At least compared to

I can speak for myself...unless you decide otherwise, rigel.
- Rigel

Our orders were...amended. However, don't worry, still come from a high source.
- they still come

I won't order you to do betray your conscience, but I'm only asking you to do this because I believe it will save more lives than not. Once the war is over, I swear I'll never ask you to anything like this again.
- to betray
- cosncience, I'm only
- ask you to do anything

Just quiet. I need to concentrate. Even in the best of times, this would be difficult, but the wounded and dying Matrick make it harder.
- Even at the best

Be as it may, but you should reconsider having this...Lucius...here.
- Be that as it
- may, you should

Thanks you for your concern, but I think you will find Lucius is much tougher than he looks.
- Thank you

Then welcome death. While you might accept this fate, what bout your people?
- about

You should stay away from the front-lines more. A Descorian attacked knocked you unconscious.
- the front-lines.
- A Descorian knocked

We're going to have pick some guards, the better to 'protect' Shiler's heir.
- to have to pick

Not that this didn't create other complications since Diana Nelson could only be at one place at a time, and other officers lacked his/her finesse and diplomatic acumen.
- his/her?

Alright, let's get this over with, but at least it is giving my wrist a break.
- over with, at least

Isn't it obvious? The Captain's actions saved all of us from the Descorians. He's earned much honor among the Apex Rahn,
Or else you're afraid he might hunt you down otherwise.
- Playing as Diana, probably not a he...

In fact, I would be more worried if she was laying low.
- lying low.

They're not my favorite genre, but their alright. If I wanted to sweat, I'd go to the gym.
- they're alright.

Not really. You've obviously you never seen Apex Rahn spawn.
- obviously never seen

Both sides are guilty of...indiscretions. It will take time overcome this, if they can.
- time to overcome

You have your own qualities I fine attractive such as your bravery, and kindness.
- I find attractive

No, he's quite fine. Every two months, I like to run a series of tests measure how his neural network has adapted to various stimuli.
- tests to measure

It's getting pretty bad when my body is more used to alarm siren than it is to my watch.
- used to the alarm siren

Diana Nelson: Nice job Diana. Next time leave some for me. By the way, what does the damage look like?
- should probably be attributed to Alex.

Just because you can program your brain on the fly, doesn't mean you to should do it to anyone else, Lucius.
- doesn't mean you should

That's probably it. I know she is working on projects outside of my level. It didn't set well with me when I first arrived either.
- sit well

And let me guess, you can't tell me why for this either?
- you can't tell me the reasons why

Next time Lola, maybe you can invite the Palidrayans' over.
- Palidrayans over.

You are words brought up short as see Mira slightly bent over looking into a microscope,
- Your words
- as you see

Heh, nothing like that, dear heart. No, there is no regulation from prohibiting you from seeing your personal doctor.
- no regulation prohibiting you

Why Mr. Nelson, you seem to be experience an unexpected rapid heart-beat.
- be experiencing

And my guidance counselor said I wouldn't amount for much.
- amount to much.

Well, the Apex Rahn pissed of the wrong person.
- pissed off

Mira's hands run along the length of your chest, her fingernails lazily teasing your nipple. She leans forward, and gives it a kiss, then slight bite.
- a slight bite.

Then that would be time for some good old mouth-to-mouth.
- be the time

*laughs* At least I'm not going to have prescribe any...supplements...for you.
- going to have to

I never suspected they a medical table set on vibrate.
- Uhmmm... - I never suspected a medical table could be set to vibrate. (?)

I told you'd find out whether I had another piercing sooner or later.
- told you you'd

You're returned, and in once piece. Good. We tried to raise you, but all we got was static.
- You've returned,

I trust the envoys' needs and safety were attended too during the attack?
- attended to

Alright, you've convinced me. But why haven't brought her into custody?
- why haven't you brought her

Is that where you got the bandage and bruises from? If the Shiler hurt you, she'll...
- If Shiler

Diana advanced in the ranks of the military though it came a little slower than she liked, for with the rise of peace, there we several military cutbacks. However, she was instrumental in creation of small, elite forces
- instrumental in the creation

Mira will get better. You're shared history...well, it's there, but it isn't.
- Your shared

And need I remind if they were in the other position, we might well be the ones on display.
- need I remind you

Please, I picked out special just for you! You'll be so cute!
- I picked it out

Cat ears jut out from the top of your head, while there are only two other pieces of fabric which can be charitably called clothing: a rather tight pair of shorts, and a small furry tail coming from behind it.
- from behind them.

Mizuki giggles slightly, and then you steps into your arms with a flourish.
- then she steps

I have my weaknesses. It's not like I was the only one staring. Your eyes seem glued to my crotch; you and Lola's both.
- seemed glued

Muscle memory. I was so used to do that with a virtual partner, I didn't take into account gravity.
- used to doing that
- didn't take gravity into account.

Well, it is a bit of surprise to have it slip out...
- bit of a surprise

That you did, but High Command had something else in their mind.
- else in mind.

You turn, and see an Orbis come floating down from the sky, and unleashes a beam from its glowing red eye.
- sky, unleashing a beam

Mizuki's fire joins yours as you several hounds emerge from the brush only to meet their ends at your hands.
- as several hounds

The environment bcomes less intricate, but what stands before you are two Mizukis, each armed, and point their gun in your direction.
- pointing

Mizuki starts to sigh and moan as you hold have her thighs at face level,
- you hold her

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Re: Typos Thread!

Post by Franka » Mon Dec 28, 2015 9:06 pm

That's all I have for now. Still paths I haven't picked and people I haven't team talked... but it's getting to be time for a break from this game.

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Re: Typos Thread!

Post by jack1974 » Mon Dec 28, 2015 10:46 pm

Thanks for the typos. I am waiting to do the next update until I have the deck screen and probably even the video so I can also add the official song, then will be really a matter of a few weeks of final testing :)

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Re: Typos Thread!

Post by Miakoda » Tue Dec 29, 2015 4:09 am

Thank you again for everything Franka. Enjoy some time away from the game.

Everything is corrected up to this point.

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Re: Typos Thread!

Post by fabulaparva » Fri Jan 29, 2016 5:18 pm

Random text-related issues that I ran across. I apologize that I forgot to log down the scene numbers. A few coding problems it seems in these:
Grammar issue in info screen, 1st fight:
suggestion: no problem (in) resisting
Possible typos:
Lederhosen, I think. Although females would traditionally wear Dirndl dresses for polka, not the silly leatherpants. :)
Not sure about this, but it feels like there's a noun missing between the words foul-smelling and biped.

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