Boss Secrets? (Nootau)

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Re: Boss Secrets? (Nootau)

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Thank you all for your help, but there's something I'm definitely not getting. I managed to polish off the other three lieutenants without a problem, and even the captain, but Nootau is able to heal himself so rapidly that we get to the middle of the second round and we're at a standoff. I can only recharge my SP (for special attacks) quickly enough to keep him still. It seems like he gets to use the Medicine Ball every other turn and heal any damage I can dish out.

I also don't seem to see which attacks lower defense specifically; regardless of my attack, his defense stays pretty high. I usually go in with the envoy, Sylrissa, Dasyra, and Leena, if that's any help.

Well, I've got another month. Hopefully, I can find the silver bullet in the meantime, or maybe buff enough that it won't matter as much. Thanks again for putting up with my inexperience.
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