The Goalkeeper release history

Play in the role of a goalkeeper
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The Goalkeeper release history

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The Goalkeeper (version 1.2.2)

Official Page:

What’s New in 1.2.2
● Training Points requirements for each option in the Train Screen now will scale accordingly on the skill level: training to the highest level will now require much more points
● Initial training points value halved so you can't have a skill at 100 when just started
● You can now skip interview pressing the escape key
● fixed a minor bug that sometimes was displaying opponent players with 0 skill during the arcade match

What’s New in 1.2.1
● Fixed some minor graphic bugs regarding texts effects, like player names too long being displayed in the match screen
● Fixed a tv anchor woman text bug that was saying you played badly even if you didn't actually play that specific match
● Now is initially harder to get a place in the first squad

What’s New in 1.2
• Added voice-overs for the interview screen, you'll hear the journalists speak to you.
• Fixed a bug in the training screen that was causing weird text colors if you choose Rest option
• Savedgames now stored in general User Folder to avoid problems when re-installing new versions, expecially on Macintosh platform

What’s New in 1.1.9

• Added new interview screen. From time to time the journalists of Soccer TV will ask you a variety of questions about your team, your coach and your supporters. Your answers will influence your relationship with them
•Beside coach reputation that was already present, we added even supporters and team management reputation. Bad supporters reputation influences your teammates performances, and bad team management reputation will make harder for you to stay in your actual team at the end of season
•Fixed training point bugs, now you get each turn 2 points at Hard level, 5 at Medium and 8 at Easy

What’s New in 1.1.8

•Fixed a crashing bug that happened at end of season due to the recent player/team editing system we added. Old savegames can be loaded but we don't guarantee that they can work.
•Windows only: you can now select if to use DirectX (default) or OpenGL drivers to play the game. DirectX should be more compatible but if you can run OpenGL one, you’ll have better performances.

What’s New in 1.1.7

•Added possibility to change team names and players. To change team names edit the teams.ini file under the data subfolder
•You can now change players editing the file players.csv which is a standard csv file. A separate editor is under development, but you can already edit your players using this popular format, knowing that the final editor will be able to use it.
•Fixed a button placement bug in the Statistics Screen

What’s New in 1.1.6

•Fixed coach rating system, now is more difficult to get out of team starting eleven

What’s New in 1.1.5

•fixed a bug that sometimes caused a freezing at the end of the season
•fixed a bug that was causing more than 2 players having the same shirt number
•fixed a bug that was showing the goalkeeper both in the old team and in the new one in the Stats Screen
•now penalties occur more rarely and they’re much more difficult to save
•fixed a rare bug that sometime could show a save instead of a goal

Special thanks to Judith Krauss and Brad Topp-Lowe that helped me a lot in the testing of the game!

Quick Help

Playing modes

Some customers didn’t notice that going into the Options Screen, you can also choose to play the game in Strategic Mode, clicking on the Arcade Save button (deactivating it).

Now you will simply decide the “saving style” of your keeper: spectacular will give you more prestige points but you’ll have more risk of taking a goal, normal is the standard behaviour, and comfortable means that the keeper won’t take much risk, will earn less points but will have more chances to stop the shots.

Player colours??The player colours have the following meaning: green=goalkeeper, blue=defenders, orange=midfielders, red=strikers

Unused Training Points Window Pop-Up

The pop-up windows now shows up only when you have 100+ unused training points. However I don’t suggest you leave them unused for so long…!

General Info

System Requirements

Windows: Processor 1Ghz+, 256mb RAM, OpenGL or DirectX compatible graphic card with 16mb of Ram, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Macintosh: Processor 600 Mhz+, 256mb RAM, OpenGL compatible graphic card with 16mb of Ram, Mac OS X 10.2 and above
Note for Mac users: if you have a notebook and the game doesn't work, try to unplug all USB devices (mouse, keyboards) it may solve the problem.
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