story/characters stuff (SPOILERS!)

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Re: story/characters stuff (SPOILERS!)

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jack1974 wrote: Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:08 am I'm making this thread to discuss the game story/characters/plot twists.
Of course there are going to be SPOILERS!

Personally I'll always use the spoiler tag, but I can't know what other people will post :mrgreen: So continue at your own RISK!!!!!
Since nobody mentioned it so far...what do you think of the possibility to become a vampire yourself? 8)
Having it as option would be great, but I feel as if this will be a plot point, (the' need to be cured' comment I saw you make on an old thread long ago for the mc) Forcing it makes me not keen as it would mean whoever you hitch your wagon to will pass away and you will still be your same dreamy self moping around the place.

I could see it being a factor in Loren 2 due to Samaras, but then in Cursed Lands it would depend on how the storyline plays it out. Do I get to kick my sires teeth in for having turned the mc? Because that would be pretty damn cool and fun.
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Re: story/characters stuff (SPOILERS!)

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I think the route makes sense from a writer's perspective. Although it also risks to have the plot-branch spread like crazy. This problem happened in Dragon Age Origins after all the DLC. It was really hard for the authors to explain why NPC X is still on board. If the continuing story is well written in act 3, it is definately an interesting option. I must admit, Valery had 2 neatly decorated arguments in the area around her upper torso that screamed at me to go with her - but I remained with the team ^___^
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Re: story/characters stuff (SPOILERS!)

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It's already implemented in the plot, and it's a choice of the player, not forced. I think it's interesting how the endings play differently based on this choice :) how the other companions reacts depends only on the relationship you have with each of them (the non-romanceable ones still stays with you otherwise you'd need to fight alone and that's not good lol).
Of course those scenes are not yet available in the current build, but are already written (just waiting for the proofreader).
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