the codex is back!

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the codex is back!

Post by jack1974 »

The codex (wiki) is back!
this time will be integrated in the games themselves, where spammers won't be able to interfere (there's still the old wiki online, but I plan to take down that site I think).

It's taking long time, and honestly if someone wanted to help I wouldn't mind :lol: It uses plain text files so it's rather simple to add new stuff, in practice each filename is an entry (so yeah there can't be duplicate entries):
Unforgiving Swamps.txt

and so on.

Another issue is that you can't use words/filenames inside other words, so for example I couldn't have both "Chzulu" and "Chzulu ruins" so I used "Temple Ruins". That's the only big limit, I tried to find a way to fix it but so far I haven't been successful.
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