Magic Stones release history

A card roleplaying game based on celtic mythology
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Magic Stones release history

Post by jack1974 »

Magic Stones version 1.2.9

Official Page:

What ’s New in 1.2.9
· fixed wrong challenge history (past winners)
· adjusted the appearance frequency of avatars on Gather Artifact mode

What ’s New in 1.2.8
· fixed some text errors inside the game
· you can now quit the tutorial in any moment pressing the escape key
· fixed a bug about a potential crash in the quest mode if you clicked over the Battle Preview
panel on the right

What’s New in 1.2.7

- added the free small quest “Three Challenges” where you'll face the Mutant Giant Rat, The Void Beast and The Chimera
- changed damage system: less random and more based on mathematics formulas
- attack preview: now you'll see a preview of the damage range and the hit chance directly on the top of the screen during the fight

What’s New in 1.2.6

- fixed a rare druid creation bug that was causing the game to freeze if you had already lot of druids and many artifacts equipped/destroyed
- fixed a rare bug that sometimes prevented spells casting during combat
- fixed a minor bug that sometimes was preventing the player from examining the Laguz rune in the character screen
- fixed a minor cosmetic bug that allowed the white lines showing the runes experience to go over the rest of the character screen
- fixed a minor cosmetic bug that was showing 1 hit point less than the real value in the avatar card on the battlefield

What’s New in 1.2.5

· added the last free quest “Lost Temples Island”, introducing the fifth avatars for life and spirit magic schools: the Angel and the Rhino
· fixed a bug that was displaying wrong attack and defense values when right-clicking on neutral avatars if you had any perk active
· now the artifacts damage amount received per battle is determined by the general game difficulty level
· fixed a minor cosmetic bug that was displaying the skills bar too long, causing a small graphic garbage
· increased effectiveness of charm attack/spell: now the charmed avatars will always to damage to their own allies
· fixed a wrong message window that was appearing when browsing avatars during a battle in character screen
· fixed a bug that was causing avatars to skip their turn if their speed was higher than 9

What’s New in 1.2.4

· fixed a bug that was displaying wrong “past winner” list in the tournament screen
· fixed a bug that was allowing the player to have 2 identic artifacts in inventory

What’s New in 1.2.3

· added a new warning before battle starts in Gather Artifact mode: if your inventory is full, and the selected place contains an artifact, the game will tell you to make room for it on the inventory to avoid losing it
· fixed a bug that was causing artifacts to show only after battle and not in the map overview
· fixed a bug that was causing mana value to go negative if Mannaz spell fizzled too many times
· fixed a bug that was causing all avatars to end their turn when casting Othila, Teiwaz and Kennaz spells

What’s New in 1.2.2

· fixed a minor bug that could make you select wrong avatar when summoning if you clicked too fast
· fixed a bug that was causing artifacts not appear anymore during gather artifact after you collected all 500 of them once with any druid
· fixed a wrong Casting Cost display value for spells in the character screen only
· fixed a bug that wasn't showing the correct druid rankings after you reached a certain level
· fixed wrong avatar statistics displayed in the Magic Shop when buying avatar level upgrade
· added keyboard shortcuts: press A key to show the summoning scroll, or B key to open the spellcasting scroll
· if the Mannaz spell fizzles while you cast it, you lose some mana like other spells

What’s New in 1.2.1

· fixed a bug that was resetting the current active druid when entering the Magic Shop add-on, and was also causing perks bought to work for all druids

What’s New in 1.2

· added the new quest “Lands of Fire” that will introduce 2 new playable avatars, the Wild Huntress and the Giant Turtle and several more neutral avatar opponents.
· added the Magic Shop, an excellent add-on that introduces druid Perks and can be bought separately for small fee. Perks are druid special skills that will be very useful to defeat the tougher battles.
· raised the amount of experience you get for winning the tournament to 1000 xp, that way the tournament will be the best way to raise experience to buy new stuff in the Magic Shop
· completely revamped the challenge druid mode: now the CPU controlled avatar will have high level avatars too, so they'll become much harder to defeat!
· magic system totally revised: now the spells power reflect your druid level, so the spell will have increased effects (greater damage, longer duration, etc.) based on your level.
· even the avatars in gather artifact mode now can have higher level, increasing the challenge offered by this gameplay mode
· in gather artifact mode now the stones you'll find in a specific region will always match that region elements, allowing you to specialize in a particular school of magic
· in Gather Artifact mode, when you examine a place to explore and a stone is present, is displayed also the number required to level up that avatar
· now the spell runes mana cost will be shown directly in the character info screen
· fixed a bug that was allowing the player to swap a ring with an earring from the inventory. Also now you can't change your equipment once a battle has started to prevent some cheats
· fixed a bug that would let player win any tournament fight by just pressing D (defense) letter during summoning phase

What’s New in 1.1.9

· fixed a bug that would prevent the Life and Spirit avatar to level correctly. Now you can replay the quests unlimited times and level up even those avatars
· fixed a bug that was causing a freeze if you had several high level druids (level > 20) and lot of artifacts already in your inventory

What’s New in 1.1.8

· added new quest “The Haunted Mines of Vox” that will introduce 2 new playable avatars, the Fairies and the Green Lizard and several more neutral avatar opponents.
· fixed a computer AI targeting bugs, sometimes avatars with high damage attacks like Jeronymus headshot were targeting low hp enemies
· fixed a small minor display bug in the Character Screen that was displaying avatar's information screen even for stones you hadn't collected yet

What’s New in 1.1.7

·added new quest “The Ice Queen” that will introduce 2 new avatars, the Griffon and the Golden Giant. The quest has 2 different endings.
·changed damage system: now avatars will hit more often but they'll make less critical hits, to balance better the game
·changed Mannaz behaviour: now the spell replenish up to 25% of druid total mana, so if you cast it and you have already more than 25% of your total mana the spell has no effect.
·fixed an animation bug that wasn't showing the bonus/malus effect at beginning of round (even if they were correctly applied anyway)
·fixed Raido spell text typo, the spell lasts for the rest of the fight and not for 5 turns as was incorrectly stated in the manual
·added avatar experience levels: if you collect the same avatar stone in the gather artifact mode, every 10 stones collected the avatar will gain one level, increasing their attack and defence by level value, and hit points by level value multiplied by 5. That way even the weakest avatars can become very powerful if you spend much time in gather artifact.

What’s New in 1.1.6

· new quest mode introduced! Complete the various quests that will be added to the game with regular updates to discover the new runes and stones of the Life and Spirit Magic. Quests are much more difficult than normal battles so you'll better try them with high level characters.
· first quest added: The Bonelord, adding the new stones of The Centaur and the Timber Wolf, and new enemy creatures like The Haunted Scarecrow, The Evil eye and much more
· now if you are doing a special attack, beside canceling it with spacebar, you can also cancel it pressing D (defend) or P (to switch back to Normal/Power attack selection)
· increased difficulty even more in normal Gather Artifact mode: you'll earn less XP points with higher difficulty settings and your mana will regenerate slower during the fight
· Sea Nymph special attack (Charm) will now have low chances to work against poweful creatures (with high defense) to balance the game better expecially in quest mode
· Added an indicator for ranged attack capacity in the fight screen when you open the runebook to summon new avatars, so you know if you can place an avatar on second line

What’s New in 1.1.5

· fixed artifact bonus bug: you could remove the artifact with associated avatars and still get the bonuses applied to already summoned avatars in the battlefield; now this is no longer possible
· related to that bug, some healing spells and the defend option wouldn't heal the correct amount of HP for avatars “enhanced” by an artifact
· added a difficulty setting in the options menu, since some users reported the game was too easy and others too hard
· removed the limit of exploring dungeon which are too high level for your current druid, now you can explore any dungeon you want of any level

What’s New in 1.1.4

· fixed avatars and runes placement in the gather artifacts, now will be more easy to get them all
· balanced the game by reducing Pertho damage from 10 to 3-5 hp, and laguz healing from 12 to 2-5 hp. Higher rune spells (Teiwaz, Mannaz, Gebo, Kenaz,Ehwaz,Othila) will now make your current avatar end his turn.

What’s New in 1.1.3

· fixed a rare bug that could make the P,D,S buttons over the active avatar to be inactive
· fixed a very rare bug that could freeze the computer in victory screen if you had too many artifacts in your inventory

What’s New in 1.1.2

· fixed level limit cap to 20, before was incorrectly set to 15 and you couldn't level further than this level, now you can reach up to level 20 (future expansions will increase the limit)

What’s New in 1.1

· fixed experience award bug, now you level using correct values as reported in magicstones.pdf file
· fixed crashing bug when you used charm spell/skill and there was only one opponent
· fixed wrong tournament display bug, if you won it will display your name correctly now
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Re: Magic Stones release history

Post by Fafhred »

Just found today that the version was now 1.2.9, and updated accordingly from my old 1.2.6 (with all options installed).
There seem to be 1 more quest now than I remember?

And the post at viewtopic.php?f=5&t=620 is clearly obsolete.
Its presence was the main reason why I did not see more recent versions earlier :-)
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Re: Magic Stones release history

Post by jack1974 »

Yes I added one last quest "Three Challenges". That post you refer too is obsolete indeed :) I don't delete/update the post in the beta forums, but I try to keep updated the version history for each game.
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