how to send a savegame?

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how to send a savegame?

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I thought to make this post, so everytime someone ask me how to locate/send a savegame I can just redirect them here :)

The save game files are located:
Windows: Users\username\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\GAMENAME
Mac: Username/Library/Preferences/Renpy/GAMENAME - on newer Mac OS got reports that is ~/Library/RenPy/gamename
Linux: Username/.renpy/GAMENAME
there are numbered files corresponding to each save game slot and pages, so page 1 slot 5 is, page 2 slot 3 is, and so on.

Please note: with new Ren'Py/recent games, save games are conveniently stored both in the shared folder above, but also in a more practical "saves" subfolder in the game directory, so you can just send them from that folder :)

You can't upload attachment to the forums for security reasons but you can either upload the file to some file sharing sites, or email them to me directly at Image
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