Universal Boxing Manager release history

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Universal Boxing Manager release history

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Universal Boxing Manager ( version 1.3.8 )
Official Site: http://www.universalboxingmanager.com

What’s New in 1.3.8
● completely redesigned right-panel during the fight, with more detailed statistics and the possibility to “throw the towel” during a fight to avoid serious injuries to your boxer (CPU opponent will be able to do this as well)
● as a consequence of previous feature, if you let your boxer fight even if is getting badly beaten by the opponent, your can get a serious penalty to your boxer's skills and compromise seriously his future career!
● Each punch received now reduces a bit also the boxer Speed skill (which determines how good he is in avoiding opponent's blows)
● better round scoring: the rating now is determined by effective damage and not number of punch landed/missed. You can now see many 10-9 if there was only a slight superiority and even 9-9 if both boxers didn't really do any damage to each other

What’s New in 1.3.7
● fixed a minor cosmetic bug, where sometimes a boxer turned on the same colour as opponent after a TKO

What’s New in 1.3.6

● the referee now will stop the match and declare TKO if a boxer gets up from a KO with really low endurance so he would get down again with a few punches
● in the normal fight now a floating number will display the punch damage, i.e. A red number will display the damage occurred to red boxer
● fixed minor aesthetic bug that was displaying incorrectly mouseover “selected” button the first time you enter finances screen
● fixed minor bug that was displaying the coloured bars in finances screen black instead of green
● when you start a new match your initial boxers won't have an average skill superior to 50
● minimum rounds for a fight now is 12 for top 10 boxers, while is maximum 8-10 for the bottom 25
● in the real-time fight the boxers image size will reflect their weight category

What’s New in 1.3.5

• fixed rare bug involving finances , if you got over 32768 money in bank the amount could show a negative value and some bugs could appear

What’s New in 1.3.4

• manager boxers retirement now works correctly, when a old boxer retires, he gets removed from rankings and also a new young one is generated (that way you never run out of new talents to find)
• the training and health costs have been increased accordingly to the increased amount of money you get from the top10 fights
• boxer charisma now is influenced by the fight outcome: if you win it goes up, if you lose it goes down
• boxer's skills advancement now depend mostly on training and not on fights results as before
• fixed a ranking bug that could show very young boxers in the top rankings without a proper record history
• now young boxers will have in general more potential skills than older ones
• now your manager reputation will be the main factor when signing up new boxer, that way you can't easily sign the most powerful boxers during early stages of the game

What’s New in 1.3.3

· new search boxer screen: beside the usual search by skill, now you can search the boxers based on their age, weight class and career record (wins, draws, losses and KOs)

· fixed a bug in the ranking system. Now CPU controlled boxers have a fitness value too, so they can’t fight twice on same month (that was causing a boxer you just defeated to still show ranking increase)

· fixed minor bug that was preventing boxers to recover the fitness value at normal rate. Now they should recover from matches quickly expecially if you have good health specialists

· fixed a bug that was causing incorrect statistics to be generated if you restarted the game without exiting to deskop using Quick Match

What’s New in 1.3.2

· added more realism to the game: now computer managed boxers will fight matches and their rank will change over time. You'll be able to check the boxer past history with the Ranking Graph
· another change made to reflect the real boxing world: as your boxer rise of rank and popularity, you'll be able to arrange less fights each year (not as when you have a low level boxer)
· added a visual indicator for boxers change of rankings in the ranking screen: up green arrow means he recently rise of rank, down red arrow means he lost some positions
· changed the training/skill improving system. The higher the actual boxer skill value is, the harder is to improve it, to avoid having many boxers with all maxed skills
· fixed a bug that could show both KO and TKO on result screen when starting a new game without loading a saved game
· fixed a bug that was hiding the new button “Ranking Graph” if you clicked on other menu items like “Training”
· fixed a bug that wouldn't count KO and TKO if they happened at the final round of the fight
· you now can't hire back again a boxer that has announced his decision to retire from boxing

What’s New in 1.3.1

· fixed movement of boxers on the ring, now is more realistic
· fixed wrong manager reputation bug
· added voice countdown and tutorial
· balanced the fight even more based on boxers statistics: a boxer with high strength will be more likely to cause more KO's, while one with high stamina is going to get up more often from a KO regenerating more hitpoints

What’s New in 1.3

· fixed wrong weight category reported by the commentator in the fight screen
· fixed statistics bug that was assigning 2 draws instead of one every time the boxer had a draw match
· fixed T.K.O. behaviour, now the boxers will lose a match this way only if they're seriously injured or if they go down 3 times in the same round

What’s New in 1.2.9

· added ranking graph:will show the boxer's ranking progresses of the last 12 months
· manager reputation now goes up only if he has at least one boxer in the top 10 rankings and he wins lot of fights
· title fights now will have 12 rounds and not less as before
· added text display for boxer statistics view if boxer has done no fights
· fixed some wrong texts in the nationality display during manager creation

What’s New in 1.2.8

· added 3d boxers into the game, you now can select 3D view in the Manage Screen to see a rotating 3d model of your boxer (they're not yet available in for realtime fight)

What’s New in 1.2.7

· opponent boxers will train too, adding variety and more challenge to the game
· you can’t fight boxers that are more than 10 position below your boxer in the rankings (to prevent easy victories)
· fixed a bug that let you have additional 25 training points with certain boxers, if restarting the game in quickstart mode
· fixed a bug that didn’t let you select the 6th boxer in boxing screen if you were in Manage mode
· fixed a bug that could allow the player to keep a retiring boxer simply by renovating the contract every month
· fixed the title fight statistics, now they get updated correctly
· fixed a bug (on Mac only) that caused frequent KO at first round!

What’s New in 1.2.6

· improved boxers database engine, increased speed and fixed small rare bugs
· Fixed the number of KO you get in the first rounds, now is more realistic

What’s New in 1.2.5

· added a new text-only match mode, you now can watch the fight as a detailed text summary instead of animation
· added a quickstart tutorial mode, use F1 to toggle it on/off
· fixed load/save and quickstart problems in pre-match screen
· fixed purse bug, now you get full purse for each fightfixed a bug that sometimes caused a freezing at the end of the season
· fixed a save bug that could overwrite old saved game without warning if you choose to continue from main menu

General info

System Requirements

Windows: Processor 1Ghz+, 256mb RAM, OpenGL compatible graphic card with 16mb of Ram, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Macintosh: Processor 600 Mhz+, 256mb RAM, OpenGL compatible graphic card with 16mb of Ram, Mac OS X 10.2 and above
OpenGL drivers are required: for Pc user there’s a tool called DUS in the installation directory, it will detect your graphic card and give advice on how to get better performances (if the game is running ok you don’t need to use it).

Game help

Refer to the HTML help file in the installation subfolder docs for some advice on how to play the game.
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