Monthly Archives: April 2006

More updates coming

I’ve already got plenty of feedback for my games, expecially Universal Boxing Manager. Is cool because in this week the game reaches 3 years of age – and from version 1.0 to the latest 1.3.3 so many things have changed that doesn’t almost look like the same game (3d boxers, new search, DirectX support). My goal is to continue expanding it. Yes I could do as many other devs and just start working on a sort of UBM2, but I don’t feel like it, at least in the immediate future.

Rewriting a game from scratch could have some upsides like being able to use a vector system for the game database, making it more quick and versatile. I have a lot of new ideas for a sequel, but for now I prefer to update the existing version so current users don’t feel cheated to have to buy a new version again 😉

women gamers beat men gamers?

It seems so! Just read that from a goodsol blog post in which he links to an article on gamedaily. At first I thought was quite strange, but when I looked at my sales stats I saw that many women bought my games, many of them my rpg Magic Stones but also many women bought my sports games (which I thought would appeal only to a male audience!).

So yes, the future is … women 🙂

universal binary manager…

So far nobody complained for my games, but my friend at Phelios started to say that some users using the new Intel Macs find their games (mostly action/platform ones) slow 🙁

This sucks really because basically forces all us programmer to buy an Intel Mac… for now I’ll wait since luckily my games doesn’t have 100 sprites moving on screen at once and so are less affected by speed problems, but in future maybe I’ll have too…

you don't know who you are!

You’re a NPC! yes, you hear me right, you’re a Non Playing Character!

Lol maybe my friend gilzu drank too much beer or something… but I like that definition. About me, I like both leveling up and completing goals (quests if we want to keep talking in a RPG way!). Indeed if you notice in most RPG, completing big quests give you the best rewards/experience points, so must be the same in life.

Those quest in my RPG (life) are something like being featured on Apple homepage for 2 weeks with my game Supernova a year ago, getting cool reviews of games like this Magic Stones review, and so on. Oh, also having a nice girlfriend to share your adventure isn’t bad 😉

outsourcing problems…

While ago I thought about outsourcing some part of my work to external people. My experience was terrible. Not really because they were bad, but because of communication problems. You may be speaking english well but for certain situation/terms is very hard to find the correct word or to explain yourself well enough without wasting several minutes each time.

I envy the developers living in poor countries for this (of course there are also other aspect about living in poor countries which I don’t like!). They can find many people working for few $ (compared to european people salaries) and have no problems with communication.

I think the online market will be flooded in next years with games made by development teams from 3rd world countries where they can afford to live even with small figures of income.