Monthly Archives: December 2008

New Year Goals

I never set myself any special goals, because I know I don’t need any extra motivation…being able to survive is enough 😀 But this time I wanted to. In my plans, I want to release 4 new games next year! … Continue reading

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Supernova 2:Spacewar awarded!

Yes, the indie game website Gametunnel, in its popular Indie Games Of The Year awards, included my Supernova 2: Spacewar into the top5 simulation games of the year. While I think my game is more a wargame or a strategy … Continue reading

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Spirited Heart chargen finished!

Today I finished the character generator for Spirited Heart, my upcoming hybrid adventure/RPG. To be more specific, I should say is a mix with make your own adventure gamebook and a RPG/Life simulation. There are stats, and there is a … Continue reading

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