Monthly Archives: December 2005

Mr indie vs the world

I don’t like the attitude of some indies, which think they are “alone vs the world”. In other words, those who always says that the games from big software houses are all crap, while indie games are all cool.
The truth is that there are less great games around in the commercial market because is more risky to try to innovate. Nonetheless, there are some great games around that deserve respect.
One of them is Civilization IV. I am playing it right now. When I hear comments like “ah well is… just civilization” (like saying the same old story) I laugh.
That game is simply awesome, one of the best I’ve ever played.
Those who say that, are just jealous because they aren’t the creator of that superb game!

Gametunnel's Awards

I’m laughing too much reading this year’s gametunnel awards. The author admits that he places games only if they can make money out of it, so only games he’s affiliate. Last year was the same with me with 2 games of Sport category (Universal Boxing Manager and The Goalkeeper).
Ok, but really… and I’m not saying that because they were my games, but they deserved to be there. The arkanoid category. Well… No Bricks of Atlantis? Number one in many portals? 🙂
So well they could change the name of the site from “Indie Games Reviews” to “Affiliate Indie Games Reviews”. Would make more sense I guess 😀

Taking a break!

Yes, today finally I took a day off my job.
Fun because I work more now that I’m self-employed than before 🙂
Anyway today didn’t touch the computer (except for now) and took a nice trip on a nearby town called “Pontremoli”. Went to a restaurant for an exquisite meal then wandered around the city a bit to explore it.

Really a good day 🙂 need to do that more often!

Those damn algorithm :)

Yes I’m not a so-called geek programmer. That is, I can program a long game like Magic Stones, but if it comes down to implement a logic algorithm, I am out 🙂
I’m experiencing this right now, trying to make a sort of casual puzzle game. Man those fucking coloured pieces that must connect one to each other are really a pain in the ass !! 🙂
Well, I found a solution, instead of using diamond shapes, I reverted back to good old square shapes. Easier! not worth wasting days trying to find a programming solution when you can solve it simply changing the shape in Photoshop in 3 minutes 🙂

Yeah, ok I’m not a very good programmer, I know…!!