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C-14 dating casting!

Today was supposed to announce the official release of Roommates, but since the video is not yet ready, and today was a very hectic day for me for personal reasons (I am writing this blog post at 8PM when I … Continue reading

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What is C14 Dating?

First of all I want to remind you that Roommates beta is still going. Most bugs have been fixed so if you wanted to wait to play it, now I really think you can. More info here: (we’re adding … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines Day!

Wait, what!? What Isabella just said? this is craaaaaaazy! Happy Valentines Day to everyone! As you can see from the funny screenshot above, Isabella likes to joke. There are many other embarrassing/crazy/hilarious situations like that one thorough the game. Want … Continue reading

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Get ready! … or not

Max is showing an iron-logic here! This weekend I had planned to start the Roommates beta testing… but as always, that bastard of Murphy had to remind me of his laws! I had a light flu since 5 days, but … Continue reading

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