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Spring Sale until 31st March

My cat Lilly seems to enjoy this warm Spring

Just a short blog post to announce that I’m doing a Spring sale, from now until the end of the month included.

The games released before 2016 are discounted by 66%! While the games released last year are discounted by 25%!

No need to enter any code, the discount will be automatically applied on checkout.

The Christmas Sale is here!

Yep! Even this year I’m running a Christmas sale! It will last until the end of the year. Below are the details!

For all games released before this year, 50% off! The list includes:

Loren Amazon Princess
Seasons Of The Wolf
Heileen Series
NicolePlanet Stronghold
Always Remember Me
Spirited Heart
Bionic Heart 1 & 2
Flower Shop Series

For all games released this year, 20% off. Only exception is Never Forget Me, since it was released only a month ago! Sorry but wouldn’t be fair versus people who bought it at full price.

Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense
C14 Dating
Heirs & Graces
Queen Of Thieves

That’s it! Will make my last blog post of the year the 23rd, but let me wish you happy holidays already! 🙂

Summer In Trigue – Shiori


Today is Shiori’s turn to be introduced! But before that, two things:

  1. The new beta for Dead But Alive is ready, with Mike and Carl romance added. For more information check this forum thread:
  2. I wanted to announce a special “End Of August” sale I’m doing, with discounts from 25% for Seasons Of The Wolf and its DLC, and 50% for the remaining games.
    For technical reason this time the discount is not automatic, but you’ll have to use coupon codes during checkout:
    CVOU000I1 to get the 25% discount for Seasons Of The Wolf and Bad Blood DLC
    CVOT001A6 to get the 50% discount on all other games

    As the name says, the promo sale will run until the 31st of August!

And now, let’s proceed with Shiori’s intro by the writer:

Shiori is a Japanese woman in her mid twenties, and someone who has had a rather interesting life. Though much of those “interesting” parts involves things in her youth that she’d prefer never happened, her current life is very much to her liking. Thanks to a fairly large inheritance and some success in her photography career, she is able to indulge in her hobbies and travel frequently. And her most recent travels have taken her to Trigue for an extended stay.

Shiori can be a bit sarcastic and blunt at times. She is fluent in Japanese, English, and French, and takes great pleasure in the fact that she knows insults and curses in multiple languages. Indeed, she specifically learned just the insults and curses of seven additional languages. She is quick to speak her mind when provoked and has no qualms with being incredibly harsh when she feels it is deserved, but she is also usually willing to forgive and give someone a second chance. Or even a third chance, or a forth chance. This willingness to forgive has gotten her in trouble before, but she still tries to practice it.

She is very competitive, and loves playing games against other people. She favors video games for this, but also loves card games and board games. Regardless of format, such games sometimes give her a chance to try out her many foreign curse words. Another interest of hers is food and cooking, but since she is a fairly skilled cook, this one does not
result in her trying out new curse words. Well, not usually.

Shiori is very found of animals, though her frequent travel interferes with her ability to have pets. She especially likes birds, and finds crows and ravens in particular to be beautiful, intelligent creatures that she feels have an undeserved bad reputation. Part of her reason for going to Trigue is she hoped to observe a species of crow native to the island.

I like this character in particular because she has some secret hidden, related to her past. You’ll need to wait for the final game to know what is it! 😉

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! To celebrate it, I am doing a small sale:

You can get a 20% discount until Monday (included) for all my games using the coupon: EGG during checkout. The discount applies even on SOTW, though not the DLC obviously since it’s not even officially out yet 🙂

RPG games update

Some updates, starting with the RPGs: both Roger Steel, Loren 2, and PSCD (I include it in the RPG even if is more of strategy/card game) writing and art is making good progress.

I also got all the base art ready for Queen Of Thieves! Below you can see the male romances in the new style (they also have an alternate outfit):


I am only missing the ending CGs/scenes, but I now have all the images for the base game. We’re thinking of adding a few extra outfits and poses, but that’s it 🙂 The writing it’s at good point as well.

Dating sims update

Regarding the dating sims, good progresses have been made on all of them as well. It’s true that at this point, Nicole yuri will be delayed for sure on Q2 this year (so wasn’t out Q1 as I hoped) but is also true that the story is much bigger now, with more locations and several secondary characters that now have a bigger role.

Also, the other various dating sims are going at steady pace, as I joked in forums, it might happen that I’ll release two consecutive yuri-only dating sim at one point during this year or next year 😀

For the otome fans no worries: there will be Always Remember Me sequel, and all the RPG (which will be more similar to Loren, so not with complex RPG gameplay like SOTW) have otome contents.

On other news, I’ve started updating the games on Steam with the new Ren’Py, mainly to allow Linux achievements. I’ve also enabled cloud saves! I plan to update also all the demos on my own site later, but apart the Steam related stuff (achievements and cloud saves) there’s nothing really new compared to the versions on my own site.

Happy Valentine’s Day

I know it’s tomorrow, but I want to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day with your beloved one 🙂

To celebrate I’ve done a bundle with (almost) all my games on Indiegala:

Also, my game Roommates together with many other famous games is on the latest Humble:

What a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day? 😉

Meanwhile, we’re busy working on new games…

A busy week

This was a busy week, mostly planning future games. I’ve found two new writers, one of them is writing the Always Remember Me sequel (married/couple life!) and even if she finished only two scenes so far, I’m very happy of the results. There will be 10 scenes for each of the four love interests (Aaron, Hugh, Eddy and Lawrence) so 40 in total. Writer is trying to make one every 2-3 days, so it means that writing will take around 3 months (more or less). The good thing is that after that, I have already some art ready (I plan to add some more outfits to existing characters and some new secondary ones, but not much) so at least the art should be done quicker.

The other writer is working on a CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) style game, set in Aravorn. You’ll play as a single character (typical of those games) and it will be a “roleplay” game, in the strict term. You’ll face several situations that you’ll need to solve using your skills (there’ll be a character creation part) and there will be multiple ways to solve them. Also, skills/personality will influence the available options, and your choices will shape the character too. At least that’s the plan, but we’re still in the very early stages. No estimate release, however there’s a nice surprise… the game will feature romance, and one of the romance option (for all gender/sexual orientations) will be… Nagas!! 😮

Once again I listened to customers/users feedback in forums, where they clearly expressed interest in a game with Nagas as romance option. So, here you go 😉

Now don’t get too excited since this game will probably take long time (beside the writing, it’s a kind of game I’ve never done before) so I don’t think will be out this year… though, you never know!