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Corona Borealis: June

Let’s start the characters introductions for Corona Borealis! For each one I’ll show two outfits and an “older” version (in the game there are epilogues happening several years later).

But first I realized that in my previous post, I didn’t even write what this game is about! Oops. So here we go, directly from the writer:

“June Pinegar is forced to spend the summer working at her father’s quaint country café, far away from her urban home in New York City. Will romance spark with the dutiful barista or friendship form with the bubbly cashier? Or perhaps she’ll mend the strained relationship between her and her quirky father. One thing is certain: with each passing day, June is finding herself more and more charmed by the intoxicating mystique of the Southern town and its residents.

Corona Borealis is a heartwarming story that shows the lasting effects our lives are capable of having on others, as well as their effects on us. Rather than just providing the player with romance options, it aims to explore the depths of non-romantic relationships, too.”

And now the introduction of June herself:

“June is Basil’s daughter and the reluctant new employee at his café. At first, she prefers to keep her distance from the others, but she matures and opens up as the game progresses. Player’s choices will determine how hardworking or friendly she’ll be, which will in turn affect how other characters perceive and interact with her. However, she remains a sassypants throughout the game regardless of player decisions.” 

That’s all for now. Next time we’ll introduce a new character of the game!

Cursed Lands and Love Bites update

Everything is going well with those two games: for Cursed Lands, I’m at good point with act 3 (the last one), so much that I think I could do the final update with all the content next month. It’s still a beta and still a complex RPG so probably the final game will be out 2-3 months after the beta is out. I think June/July could be a good potential release date.

For Love Bites, same, I should have all the writing finished by end of this month, so depending how long it takes to get scripted, the beta might be out next month as well 🙂

Announcing Corona Borealis

First of all, a short PSA: Cursed Lands new beta is live. It contains the full act2, a lot of content ! For more info see my forums:

And now let’s talk about today’s announcement. Or better, re-announcement, since it’s a game originally ideated by Jill Harris, who gave voice to Myrth in Loren and helped me write Never Forget Me. A while ago she approached me asking my help to finish the game, so I accepted.

I accepted also because beside the cute story, Deji was doing the art for the game and she said she would gladly finish what she started time ago. It’s a “smaller game” compared to my crazy standards and to be honest will be a good distraction while I finish some huge games like Cursed Lands (which now broke the 275,000 words barrier already!).

Of course since the story was already largely written, I didn’t want to change anything. This means you won’t see any of the things I promised I’d do in future games (optional adult content, male/female protagonist, etc). I only wanted to clarify before someone complains 😉

The game reminds me closely the Fairbrook series, romance and friendship above everything. You play as June, and there are two otome routes, one yuri, and… not sure how to call it, maybe “father friendship route”? A path in which you make peace with your father, with which you have a shaky relationship.

In the next blog posts I’ll introduce (as usual) the various characters of the game. There isn’t a fixed release date yet, however the writing is basically all done (maybe some more events for the scheduler but nothing big) and the art is at good point too. This is one of the various “surprise projects” I mentioned in a previous blog post, stuff that was going on behind the scenes since long time (I was involved in this project starting from Summer 2016 but the game was in development since longer).

I’m sure some people will rejoice seeing a more cute/friendship-focused game, but for the others who like more sexy stuff, don’t worry, all the other games in production have that option!