Monthly Archives: August 2005

Giving up even before trying

It’s fun when I see new developers who don’t even give a try to sell their games themselves, but just rely on a “online publisher”.
Sure there are advantages in using them: but why don’t you EVEN try ONE time to sell YOUR games yourself? it seems fun for me. For years developers complained about shark-publisher (of course not everyone is like that) and now that they have the possibility to sell independently, they don’t even try.
Is even more fun when they don’t make casual games but RPG/Strategy/Simulation titles. It is well known that you don’t really need a publisher in such cases because of the particular niche.
Good examples are Positech Games and their space/political simulations, Spidweb RPGs and well if I may, I could even include my small sport simulation 🙂
For me not even trying is absolutely silly. You can try and be a complete failure at marketing, Ok then you can give up. But how do you know if you don’t ever try??

Sex in games

After discussing it a bit in indiegamer forum, I’ve changed my anime game graphics a bit, to have less “sexy” pictures.
It is so fun for me to talk about sex when you just see a girl with sexy dress (NOT naked)… But I’m not american so I don’t know. I know for sure that here in europe is quite common to see full naked women/men during tv commercials…!
Also I think it matters a lot the texts that accompanies the image. My game will still contain glamour and romantic situation. Girls and boys kiss each other when they are in love, I think there’s nothing wrong talking about this.
I think I’ll put it in an ironic way, similarly to what happens in the popular Leisure Suit Larry series. Still I’ll rate it teen+, even if I’m sure that at least here in europe the game could be played by 12-13 years old without problems…!!

Car accident!

Damn 🙁
Sometimes life is really hard. Yesterday was driving in a dark road and a cat crossed it – I had just the reflexes to brake and avoid investing the poor creature, but then I lost control of the car! and I crashed on a guard-rail (those metallic plates nearby the roads).
We did nothing, not even a scratch: but the car…! Oh my god 🙁
Don’t know yet how much it will cost to repair it, but I am even considering to resell it and get a new one… I’m not really much lucky with cars 🙁

W bitmap fonts!

I’m very happy, today I managed to make some very nice bitmap fonts. Check a new screenshot of magic stones & USM2 using the new fonts:

They look very nice, don’t they? much better than old Magic Stones font and better even than PTK TrueType fonts integrated support 😉

Juve-Roma 2-2

Just finished to watch the match between Juve and Roma. Not bad considering it was a friendly. Two of my favourite players, Totti and Del Piero, showed some nice stuff.
I like particularly Del Piero absolutely peace of mind: he is the perfect opposite of Totti. Alex never replies with a foul to another foul. I think he deserves to be remembered in the best players of all times for this already!