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Empires and Dungeons

Today while browsing on internet I found a nice game from Niels Bauer, called “Empires and Dungeons”. It is a sort of mix between dungeon exploration and military conquest, in the style of Civilization or better the old Heroes of … Continue reading

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the newbie indie first steps

Ok I want to have a bit of fun so I decided to write the: typical average newbie indie developer first steps into the business! Note: the following text is probably exaggerated a bit, but is based on real facts! … Continue reading

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Portals are the doomsday messengers!

LOL! well, I just read this post from cliffsky blog… and must admit that I agree with most he said in there. I’m sure he won’t put his games on any portals in future 😉 However, a thing nobody says … Continue reading

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usm2 delayed

After some recent troubles I decided to postpone the deadline for estimated release of usm2… I hoped to finish the beta for end of september, and indeed there isn’t much left to do. But I’m not a machine, I’m a … Continue reading

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My girlfriend got a present from her latest online-flower purchase… I don’t know the technical name but is one of those instrument to measure temperature, weather, humidity, etc. Well look at this picture… I’m a bit scared, 71% humidity inside … Continue reading

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