Monthly Archives: May 2009

The last ending

I just finished the last ending today. I’m talking about Bionic Heart game of course. I wrote all 24 different endings. I called internally this one the “happyending” one. It will be the hardest to get, since beside doing the right choices, you’ll also have certain relationship values with both Helen and Tanya to unlock it.

A quick preview without any real spoilers:

“Luke quit his job at Nanotech, and went help Helen to run the shop. Meanwhile, Tanya would take care of Othello and the new bigger flat they bought together. Now Tanya has a real goal: make Helen and Luke’s life as longer and happier as possible.”

Of course, now I’m sending all the texts to be proofreaded/edited to improve the quality, but the meaning will be that one 🙂

Meanwhile I started to contact the voiceover artists. I probably won’t release the game with all the voices, even if will have to test it carefully, so who knows… maybe the actor are faster than I thought, and will be able to release the game “fully voiced!”.

Stay tuned for more info an an official release date for Bionic Heart. The adventure game all science fiction fans shouldn’t miss!

How to waste an afternoon!

…sigh 😀 Today I wasted the whole afternoon to restyle the blog layout and the forums one. The blog was very quick but the forum took lot of time! I changed from the previous one because I realized was really too much different in style vs my own winterwolves and tycoongames websites. Beside that it’s true that white/bright text over black/dark backgrounds are harder to read and make pain to the eyes ! 🙂

Luckily this morning managed to go forward on Bionic Heart development. There is really only a few endings missing right now. I have almost all text written for those new endings, I’ll need to send them to sake-bento who is proofreading/editing them and then will start selecting the voiceovers for the game. I’m not yet sure if the game will ship with all the voices, I doubt it since takes some time for the actors/actresses to dub all that text (the game has almost 50k words by now).