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In game order form

I was looking at Reflexive stats for my game UBM (reflexive is a very good portal, with real-time stats for developers). I was surprised to notice that about 90% of orders come within the in-game order form and only a few using the traditional webpage!
I really didn’t expect a so high percentage. Hope my vendor Plimus add the in-game purchase option soon, it seems that is a very common system… 🙂

Duplicate posts

Ok it seems that yesterday the server was a bit too busy 🙂 got 3 identical post about “What are magic stones” !!! 😀
Well I think that you have clear enough what are they, no? LOL

What are Magic Stones?

My next game name is Magic Stones. But what exactly are they?? Here’s the definition directly from the game manual I’m writing:

They are the main artifact of the game, because they’re needed to create Avatars (powerful beings summoned by the druid to help him in the battle). There are a total of 20 different stones, each one with a different Power value from 1 to 5 related to a specific school

So the avatars of fire will be:

Draconian – Dragon man, very tough and stubborn
Succubus – Beautiful women who steal enemy life
Firemaster – Powerful wizard who cast fire magic
Hell Hounds – Hellish dogs who breath fire
Fire Drake – Dragon who can hit all enemies at once

Here is the picture of the Dragon:

Spring Sale

Today I’ve decided to launch a promotional offer for my games, here’s the official announcement:

Spring has come and we are ready to celebrate it – with this special offer!
For a limited time, until end of the month (31st March 2005) you can get 30% discount on any of our games using these codes:
SPRING – if you order through Plimus (the main buynow buttons on our site)
OMH0006N – if you order with alternative payment methods (UK Switch/Solo, Deutsche Bank and Paypal) through BMT Micro

There is no minimum amount for the discount to apply, you can even buy a single game and get it – but of course is better to take advantage of this offer now and get the discount on a full bundle offer!
Stay tuned for more special offers from us in the future!

Happy Easter,Winter Wolves Games

Hey Jude!

eheh no, not the one of the song 😉 a friend of mine called Judith just finished to fix some more english texts for the Goalkeeper, in the next update all typos mistakes and/or awkward english will be fixed! hurrah! 🙂
Is really true, good testers are the developers best-friend!