Monthly Archives: February 2007

Best friends

dog and cat

This is one of the most funny pictures I’ve ever taken… you sometime see those photos in which dogs and cats seems to be best friends, but when you see it in real is even more amazing…! 🙂

I removed Google Adsense and…

…my sales increased! I don’t know if just a pure coincidence since is too early, but I decided that the google ads in my main Winterwolves site were too much, so I decided to remove them completely, for the small sum they were giving me wasn’t really worth it.

Well, last week had a great jump of sales ! indeed, all those ads were competitors ads displayed on my site. Like someone having a shop, with banners all over it “hey why you don’t just go look in that big shop xyz instead?”.

Quite stupid now that I think about it… I don’t think I’ll ever put adsense on my main site again! 🙂

Magic Stones campaign

I have been thinking about a cool addition to implement in my game Magic Stones. A sort of campaign mode, different from the quest. Basically you could select a deck of cards, picking from all the avatars present in the game (not just the 4 elements) and play battles in a map, in the style of Heroes of Might & Magic.

But maybe is better to start a complete new game from scratch. I love the “card” feeling of the game, but I believe that a grid in isometric view would offer even more strategic fun. Someone remembers the game “Age of Wonders” ? that was pretty cool.

Also I definitely want to try to implement internet play on my next rpg/strategy game. I don’t have much free time right now, but I’ve tried to play the latest expansion of Lux, Ancient Empires, and is really cool in multiplayer. Yes, definitely need to add multiplayer mode to my future games!

The lands of fire!

Yes I’m working on the next Magic Stones update, as well as more smaller updates for my other games. This time the setting will be in the hot “Lands of Fire” a desert zone in the lands of Aravorn. You can see a promo image here. Of course, you’ll have to face as enemies lot of typical desert dwellers like various serpents, but also some nasty Spider Queen, and orcs.

More info soon…

Justified text power!

Today I just downloaded the new PTK version. I was enthusiast to try the new “justified text align” in the DrawMultiline command. But in practice, what does this means? it means that now you can write “columns of text” with justified spacing, like those you see in the newspaper.

To make it even more clear, compare the 2 screenshots below:

Magic Stones quest screen before (normal centered text, look in particular to the right scroll)
Magic Stones quest screen now (justified text, isn’t much nicer?)

PTK is really becoming better and better 🙂