Monthly Archives: January 2006

Cat-blogger fight

I really like Goodsol blog, expecially when he posts cats pictures (yes I’m more a cat person, even if I like dogs too). Today I’ve decided to fight back and I post a picture taken from a kids game I made some years ago, Ignazio The Frog two nice cats I found on a trip in Austria.
No I didn’t took them with me, since they had someone nearby that was taking care of them pretty well 🙂

Piracy helps sales!

That’s the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard 😀
A guy in forums, the one who made Motorama has 60Gb/day of downloads from warez sites. That will surely help him!
The PC market retail sales are going down like never before. Surely the fact that any game is easily available to download from BitTorrent, will help the market to survive.
In the meanwhile consoles are going up. But don’t be fooled – the fact that is much harder to pirate a console game, doesn’t have any impact!

Yes sure! 😀

Doing everything but working

Yes, it seems that for some people, everything is just an excuse for NOT working on your projects. Is really weird that for some reason I never read any of those “very useful” blogs or articles about personal motivation and still released quite some good titles in just 2 years.
Is just waste of time. Fire up Visual C, Photoshop or whatever. Do even some marketing looking for new links or ideas on internet, but don’t just post in forums or read stupid blogs that will promise you’ll become a living god in short time…
I really think that motivation should come spontaneously from within yourself. Is not reading bullshits like “earn 1 million in 30 seconds” that you’ll find motivation at all.
Many people are in indie business NOT for passion, but just for money. And curiously I think that those are the one who will earn less money in the end… 😀

Infrared stove!

Yes in the end I had to give up my goal to not buy anything more to heat my room!
I bought this ifrared stove, just 22 euros, it consumes 400W though.
Not very cheap, but is like having 4 normal lamps of 100W turned on… anyway I couldn’t work anymore here without at least 19-20°C!
This morning when I woke up I had 15°C LOL…!

Why all those clones discussion are pointless

Ok I’ll try to explain why all those “you cloned my game” or “that game reminds me of…” are absolutely pointless and why people say that instead that RPG game or that simulation game is very different.

A game is composed by gameplay elements. Let’s say in an arkanoid clone for example, there’s the ball, there are the bricks, the bat and so on. You can make variant of it (like adding puzzles or particular target to hits, or other gameplay element) but the problem is that if you’re going to make a casual game, you don’t have much space for your ideas.

Is much harder (I would say almost impossible nowadays) to come out with an original idea, using simple gameplay. Because with simple gameplay there are less gameplay elements. Instead in a simulation/strategy/rpg game, there are so many elements that the chances to make a “clone” are very very low.

So please avoid those pointless discussion. Unless people who made the original games want the other devs to stop completely making new ones, of course 🙂

Make a original game with simple gameplay if you can. The last one that was made is Tetris I think, and that was quite some time ago…