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future plans

Yes I guess is time to write something even about my games 🙂 What I’m working on now? well if you read my forums you already have an idea… but I want to make a release plan now (that of … Continue reading

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Kudos at cliff

Yeah is too hot now and I’m not doing much lately… meanwhile I started to play latest game from Cliff Harris (Positech), called Kudos. Is a sort of turn-based “the sims” remake. Quite original and interesting, I suggest you try … Continue reading

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developers cats

It seems very popular among shareware devs to have pets! I actually have even more than before, since the neighbours cats seems to like particularly my house… This one is a new kitten born last month, a red-striped cats, very … Continue reading

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italy world cup champion

Well… have no words! 🙂 Of course I’m happy for Italy, but … not really a good way to win. TWO shots at goal in whole 120 minutes. I guess we must say thanks to Barthez and Zidane for what … Continue reading

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why people play MMORPG?

That’s a silly question, but I have my personal answer. You often see answers like “Because MMORPG are addictive, there’s social interaction, a sense of community, etc”. My answer is: because there are no good CPRG around!!! 😎 really, I … Continue reading

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