Monthly Archives: July 2006

future plans

Yes I guess is time to write something even about my games 🙂

What I’m working on now? well if you read my forums you already have an idea… but I want to make a release plan now (that of course won’t be respected! lol):

September 2006 – the most awaited release: USM2 ! version 1.0, without interactive match
October 2006 – if things go well, the new Magic Stones expansion: The haunted mines of Vox

December 2006 – another Magic Stones expansion probably or just major update (Magic Shop etc) and USM2 with interactive match

It may seem very long time to wait, but I assure you that if I manage to keep within those deadlines… I will be very happy about it!

Kudos at cliff

Yeah is too hot now and I’m not doing much lately… meanwhile I started to play latest game from Cliff Harris (Positech), called Kudos. Is a sort of turn-based “the sims” remake. Quite original and interesting, I suggest you try it!

developers cats

redkitten.jpgIt seems very popular among shareware devs to have pets! I actually have even more than before, since the neighbours cats seems to like particularly my house…

This one is a new kitten born last month, a red-striped cats, very cute! pictured from my window.

italy world cup champion

Well… have no words! 🙂

Of course I’m happy for Italy, but … not really a good way to win. TWO shots at goal in whole 120 minutes. I guess we must say thanks to Barthez and Zidane for what they did. I can honestly say that Italy didn’t deserve to win: but often happened the opposite like in 1994-98 and 2000 (european cup final). I guess that the “luck” had to pay off italians for all the past bad experiences.

About Zidane – very sad way to end a career. A real pity.

why people play MMORPG?

That’s a silly question, but I have my personal answer. You often see answers like “Because MMORPG are addictive, there’s social interaction, a sense of community, etc”.

My answer is: because there are no good CPRG around!!! 😎 really, I think this is the reason. I played many MMORPG, including EQ, EQ2, Guild Wars, WoW, Horizons, Daoc, and so on.

Every time, after some time, got pissed off. why? either was too repetitive and with lack of depth (Daoc, Horizons, Guild Wars) or was insalely addictive, but also very demanding (EQ-EQ2, WoW). By demanding I mean that once you reached higher levels with your characters you had to do raids to acquire new powerful items. And so on and so on.

A continue race to get the highest equipment – almost all MMORPG can be synthetized this way. With a CRPG, can be different.

First of all there’s the story! how many of you actually read the quests text of MMORPG? I bet nobody! while with a good CRPG you read it to find out what you have to do, to see what’s happening in the story. There’s more immersivity, because you don’t turn the angle and you see a characters named “PhatLewt666” or such 😀

Seriously if you compare any MMORPG with a good CRPG like Vampire Bloodlines, Fallout series, etc, there’s no doubt what is better. But unfortunately it seems that every publisher is going to make only MMORPG to suck all the money from people (the monthly fee).

Well I guess is clear – I have to make a CRPG! won’t be soon though 🙂