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News on the new RPGs in development

A “sneak peek” video of Planet Stronghold: Warzone (the sequel to Planet Stronghold) Let’s talk about RPGs! It was a while since I showed something about Planet Stronghold: Warzone. Being a bigger game than previous ones there has been some … Continue reading

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Undead Lily gameplay

This is a mockup of the battle screen I made yesterday How is Undead Lily going to play? I think the best definition is a mix between a strategy game and a RPG. I mentioned CCG (Collectible Card Game) before, … Continue reading

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Where On Earth Is Undead Lily?

Do you recognize her? it’s Aquaria, one of the superheroes of the Undead Lily game In the blog title, I paraphrased the famous game “Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego” 🙂 The reply to the question Where On Earth … Continue reading

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Show Me The Games!

My cat Tofu is trying to communicate with you using telepathy! She wants to inform you that there’s currently an indie mega sale featuring 32 titles here: many good games for all tastes. I put both my RPGs, Loren … Continue reading

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Don’t rest on your laurels

In the picture above, my cat Batman sleeping in my messy office This year I’ve already released two games: Heileen 3 Sea Maidens, the yuri version for  Heileen 3 released last year in December, and Bionic Heart 2. But there’s … Continue reading

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