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Where your money goes: PSCD manga version!

A long time ago (wow, 4 years have passed already!) I made a blog post explaining a bit what I do with the money I earn, and also about the power consumers have and how everyone should try to give back in any way they can. It was called “Where your money goes“.

Now, as I wrote already in that blog, I know I’m not special. I think what I do should be “the norm”, even if sadly it isn’t. I think when you’re so lucky that you do a job you love (and I love it, even if occasionally I get very grumpy especially during beta testing! :D) you should really feel blessed and try to give back to others (animals, people, doesn’t matter, you choose).

I recently setup a Patreon page. It really helped me in the past months due to a sort of mini-crash of the indie market (things are very tough now!) also known as “the indieapocalypse”. But beside funding my living expenses and new games, I always said I was going to use that money also to do “extra stuff”. Things that maybe would have been too risky to do them myself without any support, but that I believe would be appreciated by my fans.

So I’m here to officially announce that I used a good amount of that Patreon money for… the Manga version of PSCD!!!

For those who don’t know it, PSCD (Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense) is a game I released last year, and while the gameplay and story was well received, let’s say that the art style… wasn’t! Or better, most people didn’t like it (I know well that a minority liked it).

A while ago I contacted Undead Lily’s artist (who did a very good job with that game and I can’t wait to release it) and asked her to redo all the images of the game in manga style. But it’s not just that! As I mentioned in another recent blog post, the vast majority of people seem to want more… spicy stuff 🙂 And who am I to say no?

Because of this, I decided to have the romance CG redone so that the censored version would show underwears, while the uncensored version… you can imagine 😉 I’ll need to change the game rating because of this but I suspect people won’t mind (judging from the early reactions in Patreon they were rather happy about this!).

In summary the game will feature manga art for the characters and hotter romance CGs (for the manga version only obviously). The rest will remain the same. Since I did this with Patreon money I don’t want to charge anything extra (even if some people suggested this, doesn’t feel right to me). This means that once it’s ready, it will be a free update. There will be a button in the game options screen and you’ll be able to switch between the two art-styles instantly!

I don’t know yet exactly when it will be available since the last romance CGs are still being colored, but I guess in the next 2-3 months should be finished.

That’s it for now, next time I’ll publicly announce a secret yuri only game I’ve been working on in the recent months and that’s in a good status. Stay tuned!

PSCD DLC beta!


In the image above you see a screenshot from the PSCD Free DLC currently in beta!

You need to download the beta version here to try it (on the site there’s still the older version):

You might need to re-register the game again to see the extra contents.

Beside the four extra romances: Galina, Kaden, Christophe, Lola, I have decided to do a “quick match” mode. In that mode you can play all the cards you have unlocked in the game (tier-based) and do a match with predefined enemy decks.

Using this “tiered unlock” it’s good, since will let me include the mode also in the demo, because players can try it (for example for practice), but without the high tier cards (which you can only get later in the game) will be hard (if not impossible) to win. So it’s a sort of “trial” that might make more people curious / interested about the full game.

If you beat the game once, you’ll also unlock the 5th tier, which is normally unaccessible from the base game, and it includes the most rare cards (legendary ones). Since I had already added them in the code, was a pity to “waste them”, so at least they can be used in the non-campaign mode.

This means that if you won the game already it’s enough to load a save before the end, to get access to all the cards in the quick match mode.

Heirs & Graces update

The beta testing continues, and luckily everything seems to be going smoothly, even if it was to be expected for a dating sim. I suspect Queen Of Thieves testing will be more troublesome 😉

Anyway I’m pleased so far by the game reception and how people liked the idea/writing/art/music.

I must say though that in future (except for the game already in the works) it’s a bit unlikely I’ll do again a game with only one playable gender or romance type. Making a game takes already so much effort that I think it’s best to at least try to cater to two audiences.

So for example in this game I could have added a female character to have yaoi+otome, or add 4 female romances to have yaoi+straight, and so on (probably I’d have reduced the amount of romanceable characters, or made some bisex).

Anyway, this game is done as it is: but for future games I’ll always try to have at least two genders or “romance combos” 🙂

Undead Lily romance previews

As you know from time to time I make some “romance sneak peeks” for my upcoming games, even months before they’re out, because I like to tease people! 😀 Here’s the Undead Lily’s Lily romances (so playing as Lily and romancing both male/female characters):


Some characters have two different ending CG, based on the concept of “dominant/submissive”. I can assure you that they’re very interesting!

Love Bites – Introducing Nadia

This will make many male players happy! Nadia is a COUGAR romance option!

If you played my older games like Heileen or the famous Loren Amazon Princess, you already know about Lora and Karen, two cougar romance options: but only for female players. So this is officially the first time that there’s a cougar romance for males! Hurrah!

Her name is Nadia. Now, let’s introduce her properly:

Nadia Murphy
Age:  38

A vivacious woman, Nadia is a professor of Mythology and Occult Studies at the local university.  Nadia is a favorite among her students.  Her classes are as likely to do hands-on fieldwork such as investigating supposed haunted houses as they are to regurgitate facts from a textbook.

This isn’t to say Nadia doesn’t have her detractors.  Some of this comes from academics who suggest it tarnishes the university’s reputation when some of their faculty participate in pseudo-science at best, and utter lies at worst.  

These complaints usually go nowhere, though.  For one thing, Nadia’s scholarship is impeccable in her formal papers.  For another, the more ‘fannish’ books she writes bring a level of fame and revenue that the university definitely desires.

This state of affairs amuses Nadia, though, for as she personally knows, magic is real and a source of real power for those with the will and knowledge to wield it.  This isn’t to say Nadia has no use for science, far from it.  After all, if you must defend yourself, a gun is much easier, and less taxing to use than setting someone on fire…and much easier to explain if you come down to it.

However, with great power comes the chance of temptation and corruption and magic is no exception.  Nadia’s spirit guide indicated she had to come to town, and safeguard it as beast she can.  Sometimes this means taking a book out of circulation which could summon an actual demon, to finding a cure for some fool whose curse backfired.

Despite her seeming popularity, Nadia can be rather lonely.  After all, it’s one thing to show an interest in New Age nonsense, but if you actually prove it…well, people have a low tolerance for anything out of their understanding.  Of course, the sort of person who’d go dancing skyclad doesn’t often make for the best company.

Lately, Nadia’s been feeling greatly disturbed as she’s found evidence of someone working illicit magic, but she can’t figure out who.  Whoever this person is, though, has to be a person of power to keep themselves hidden from her investigations.

Nadia is keeping a special eye out since all her predictions seem to focus on one of her former students, a red-haired individual she found rather charming if otherwise unremarkable.  However, just because someone doesn’t seem out of the ordinary, this won’t stop fate from slapping them around.

Progress update

For those who don’t read regularly my forums, I’m making very good progress scripting the romances of Queen Of Thieves. Some funny screenshots below:




I should be finished with the yuri romances by the end of month. That doesn’t mean the game is ready, but a very big part of it yes. It’s just missing some extra CGs/scenes, and the coding of the final battles.

Heirs & Graces is being coded too right now and looks like it could be out in the next 2-3 months 🙂

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! To celebrate it, I am doing a small sale:

You can get a 20% discount until Monday (included) for all my games using the coupon: EGG during checkout. The discount applies even on SOTW, though not the DLC obviously since it’s not even officially out yet 🙂

RPG games update

Some updates, starting with the RPGs: both Roger Steel, Loren 2, and PSCD (I include it in the RPG even if is more of strategy/card game) writing and art is making good progress.

I also got all the base art ready for Queen Of Thieves! Below you can see the male romances in the new style (they also have an alternate outfit):


I am only missing the ending CGs/scenes, but I now have all the images for the base game. We’re thinking of adding a few extra outfits and poses, but that’s it 🙂 The writing it’s at good point as well.

Dating sims update

Regarding the dating sims, good progresses have been made on all of them as well. It’s true that at this point, Nicole yuri will be delayed for sure on Q2 this year (so wasn’t out Q1 as I hoped) but is also true that the story is much bigger now, with more locations and several secondary characters that now have a bigger role.

Also, the other various dating sims are going at steady pace, as I joked in forums, it might happen that I’ll release two consecutive yuri-only dating sim at one point during this year or next year 😀

For the otome fans no worries: there will be Always Remember Me sequel, and all the RPG (which will be more similar to Loren, so not with complex RPG gameplay like SOTW) have otome contents.

On other news, I’ve started updating the games on Steam with the new Ren’Py, mainly to allow Linux achievements. I’ve also enabled cloud saves! I plan to update also all the demos on my own site later, but apart the Steam related stuff (achievements and cloud saves) there’s nothing really new compared to the versions on my own site.

Heirs & Graces – Kamal


Time for another Heirs & Graces character introduction, this time the ex-gladiator Kamal. One of my favorite characters of this game 🙂

Before being employed by Lord Sandor, Kamal sought to make a name for himself fighting in the arena. He genuinely loved honing his skills and battling against powerful opponents; getting paid for it was nice too. If he had continued as a gladiator, Kamal could have easily become one of the best. However, after an incident in the Dingirra arena, Kamal’s feelings towards his job as a gladiator turned sour. He still appreciates a good fight, but he has no desire to return to the arena. Luckily, Kamal didn’t stay unemployed for long. Lord Sandor witnessed his last battle and decided to hire him on as a body guard.

As it turns out, Kamal isn’t exactly the ideal servant. He has a problem obeying orders from people he doesn’t respect and will outright refuse to serve nobles if they’re rude to him. This has caused a few incidents in the past, but Lord Sandor has no interest in firing him. If anything, this behavior only amuses him– though he’d never admit it while he’s keeping up appearences.

It does cause a bit of a headache for Lord Sandor’s butler, Vincent, though. To avoid incidents, Vincent has Kamal work outside where his interaction with nobles is at a minimum which is more than fine by Kamal. He enjoys spending long periods of time outside and has taken up an extra job as Lord Sandor’s gardener to help Vincent out. Though they may seem an unlikely pair, Kamal and Vincent are actually friends due in part to the fact that they’ve both worked for Lord Sandor longer than any of the other servants.

Kamal tends to keep his sentences short, but that doesn’t mean he dislikes company. He’s actually quite friendly and often perceives people’s needs before they need them. Kamal is almost always calm and laid back which may make him look lazy to some. However, that’s not really true. He gets everything done at his own pace and can put in a lot of hard work if it’s actually required. He just doesn’t see the need to rush.

In other news, today got the colored sketches of “Bad Blood” (the new SOTW DLC) CGs, so I think I will begin preorders next weekend! Stay tuned for more info 🙂