Love Bites – Introducing Nadia

This will make many male players happy! Nadia is a COUGAR romance option!

If you played my older games like Heileen or the famous Loren Amazon Princess, you already know about Lora and Karen, two cougar romance options: but only for female players. So this is officially the first time that there’s a cougar romance for males! Hurrah!

Her name is Nadia. Now, let’s introduce her properly:

Nadia Murphy
Age:  38

A vivacious woman, Nadia is a professor of Mythology and Occult Studies at the local university.  Nadia is a favorite among her students.  Her classes are as likely to do hands-on fieldwork such as investigating supposed haunted houses as they are to regurgitate facts from a textbook.

This isn’t to say Nadia doesn’t have her detractors.  Some of this comes from academics who suggest it tarnishes the university’s reputation when some of their faculty participate in pseudo-science at best, and utter lies at worst.  

These complaints usually go nowhere, though.  For one thing, Nadia’s scholarship is impeccable in her formal papers.  For another, the more ‘fannish’ books she writes bring a level of fame and revenue that the university definitely desires.

This state of affairs amuses Nadia, though, for as she personally knows, magic is real and a source of real power for those with the will and knowledge to wield it.  This isn’t to say Nadia has no use for science, far from it.  After all, if you must defend yourself, a gun is much easier, and less taxing to use than setting someone on fire…and much easier to explain if you come down to it.

However, with great power comes the chance of temptation and corruption and magic is no exception.  Nadia’s spirit guide indicated she had to come to town, and safeguard it as beast she can.  Sometimes this means taking a book out of circulation which could summon an actual demon, to finding a cure for some fool whose curse backfired.

Despite her seeming popularity, Nadia can be rather lonely.  After all, it’s one thing to show an interest in New Age nonsense, but if you actually prove it…well, people have a low tolerance for anything out of their understanding.  Of course, the sort of person who’d go dancing skyclad doesn’t often make for the best company.

Lately, Nadia’s been feeling greatly disturbed as she’s found evidence of someone working illicit magic, but she can’t figure out who.  Whoever this person is, though, has to be a person of power to keep themselves hidden from her investigations.

Nadia is keeping a special eye out since all her predictions seem to focus on one of her former students, a red-haired individual she found rather charming if otherwise unremarkable.  However, just because someone doesn’t seem out of the ordinary, this won’t stop fate from slapping them around.

Progress update

For those who don’t read regularly my forums, I’m making very good progress scripting the romances of Queen Of Thieves. Some funny screenshots below:




I should be finished with the yuri romances by the end of month. That doesn’t mean the game is ready, but a very big part of it yes. It’s just missing some extra CGs/scenes, and the coding of the final battles.

Heirs & Graces is being coded too right now and looks like it could be out in the next 2-3 months 🙂

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18 Responses to Love Bites – Introducing Nadia

  1. Franka says:

    Diana, or is it Nadia? Maybe you need to start using other letters.

    • admin says:

      I must have written it badly at least TEN TIMES! Even when I wrote the tweet, I had written Diana… X_X (It’s obvious why, since PSCD was Diana). I have edited it now 🙂

    • Miakoda says:

      Although, it may not help that Nadia actually contains the same letters as Diana, just in a different order 😀

  2. Xarena says:

    I mean no offense but I hope the next male romance guy isn’t so damn muscley don’t get me wrong I like muscle guys but that was almost overboard how about making him a little skinny?

    • Xarena says:

      Oh also I know it seems silly to reply to my own thing but I just want to say Nadia or Diana 😉 seems cool.

      • Kuro says:

        Noooo I like Viktor! <\3.

        • Xarena says:

          I like him too I do am just saying there should be some different kind of guys I mean our main character is pretty muscley too.

          • admin says:

            Yes I agree, the problem is that in my past otome games, a bit for the artist style, they were all not muscular at all!
            For this game you’re right, but overall, I think the non-muscular male romances are still the majority.
            Anyway for the last male I emailed the artist to ask to make it a bit different (though I’m not sure if she already did it, in that case would be too late).

          • Miakoda says:

            I think Tyrone is different enough for it. Plus, some unnamed characters the artist worked on look rather yummy.

            Also, the other female romance should also be different enough.

  3. qorl says:

    Will Love Bites have same-gender romances as well?

  4. hassan says:

    nadia looks good. what’s with the hood it look hot

  5. Xarena says:

    With Heirs and graces do you mean this month to or next month?

    • admin says:

      No, not March! Maybe end of April, depends on some other things. But shouldn’t be anyway later than May (talking about the beta testing, not release).

      • Xarena says:

        Haha ok cool am kind of hoping on April my birthday is in that month.

        • admin says:

          My birthday is on April as well 🙂
          I just got word from writer that she finished. So I will begin working on it next month for sure, then depends on other things, but it’s at good point for sure.

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