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The light at the end of the tunnel

In the picture above, Othello looking at the new arrival, our dog Skipper. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the Loren Amazon Princess tunnel 🙂 If you follow me you know that last week I made … Continue reading

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The end is near!

No, I’m not talking about the Mayan prophecy 🙂 Sadly, I’m not even talking about the Loren RPG, since I think will still take a few months before is finished. I’m talking about two scary news I’ve read this week. … Continue reading

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Frozen development!

In the image above, the view from my office window!!! The title is a joke but explains well my current situation. I’m working on several games, mainly Loren RPG, and every 2-3 hours I go outside with temperatures ranging from … Continue reading

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Vendors, quests and random encounters

Even my cat Gilda is waiting impatiently Loren RPG release! 😉 It has been a long week. I spent it testing, adding lots of small details, and so on. This process is was is commonly known as “polishing”. I am … Continue reading

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