Monthly Archives: January 2009

A Trip To Bavaria

Last week I finished a small visual novel in flash, free to play. It tells an episode of Heileen life, before sailing to the New World. I posted it on several flash portals and also put it up on my tycoon games website. I liked doing it even if working with flash is really slow, and I don’t think I’ll make more games like that in future (of course, you never know for sure).


My other game, Spirited Heart, is going well and is almost finished. I think I could start beta testing next month and release it early March, if I don’t get stuck in my writing! Indeed there are lots of events to create, and each events is specific to a job, and is really hard to come up with good ideas for events, but I’m doing my best, of course 🙂

I wonder if people will be ok to define that game a roleplaying game? it doesn’t have combats (I didn’t had enough resources to put those in the game), but I don’t think is an essential part for a roleplay…? basically it plays a lot like Kudos , only with different settings and lots of fantasy skills. Probably is better to call it a life-sim game.

108 different situations

What means that number? it’s the result of this calculation for Spirited Heart:

6 different boys that can be met ingame x 3 different playable races x 2 job types x 3 events each = 108 unique situations

Each situation means an event that happens if the player is doing a specific job, and that day she meets with one of the 6 boys available inside the game. Such a variety of situations hopefully means a very replayable game!! 🙂

Each event will be written accordingly to the job type, but also the race selected. Example, you work as waitress in a tavern. The character you can encounter there is Janimee, an elven bard. But each of the 3 playable races (human, elf, demon) will react differently to the situation. The human will be the “neutral” one, while the elf will always try to be polite and kind, and the demon instead will always be bad and annoying. The player will have a choice of option for each situation, and the right choice will increase the “love” value of the boy.

So if you manage to pick the right answers in the 60% of cases, you’ll be able to engage with one of them and at last get married, which is one of the possible endings for the game.

So far I only wrote 10-12 of those 108 situations, so there’s still a long way to go…!!